• The Journey To Connect: Practical Advice On Ensuring A Successful Deployment

  • The Golden Age of UWF Imaging

  • Speaker: Mr David Haider, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Royal Bolton Hospital There are a wide range of devices and levels of connectivity from one eye unit to the next. This session offers practical advice to make the case for integrated imaging and ensure optimal network design and configuration. Tips and lessons learnt from such a deployment are provided, along with clear explanations of some the key technical terms. First Broadcast: January 2020.
    The Journey To Connect: Practical Advice On Ensuring A Successful Deployment
  • Speaker: Darren Hargreaves & Hayley Coates With the advent of Ultrawide Photography (UWF) and OCT Angiography, we are now entering a new ‘Golden Age’ of Ophthalmic Imaging. Thanks to advances that have provided entirely new ways of capturing the human eye and visualising ocular structures and disorders, we are now able to see retinal structure with unprecedented precision. In turn, this is transforming the diagnosis and treatment of a number of retinal diseases. Ophthalmic clinicians now have access to diagnostic data that over 20 years ago did not seem possible. This webinar will discuss how expanding fields of view can provide a more complete understanding and recognition of clinical indicators and features of different disease clusters, including diabetic retinopathy, ocular lesions, and retinal detachments. Case scenarios will be presented to provide a more complete understanding, aiming to equip the clinician with the suitable skills to make informed decisions regarding interpretation of ultrawide field images and OCT angiography. Finally, we will discuss why early documentation and detection is key in diagnosis.
    The Golden Age of UWF Imaging (CET & CPD no longer available)

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