ZEISS Professional Education

Deliver high levels of customer engagement through staff training and development.

At ZEISS we are dedicated to offering the highest-level educational offerings and empowering our customers. We offer installation hands on training for new devices, workshops, and educational events.

For those who want to get more out of their device or solution we offer additional clinical application training.

Our online ZEISS Academy e-learning is also available on demand with more than 60 training modules accessible 24/7.

  • Access more than 60 training modules online
  • Accessible 24/7, 365 days

Installation Training

We offer hands on training for all new devices. This are delivered by our team of Clinical Installer technicians who will set up your device and provide comprehensive hands-on training to key members of your team. The learning objectives of the session are to ensure all staff are competent and confident using the devices to their full potential.

  • Maximise product usage

  • Improved efficiency

  • Enhanced skillset

  • Confidence & compliance

  • Best patient outcomes

Devices & Learning Objectives

CATS Training

Book additional training for your ZEISS devices

  • Maximise product usage
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced skillset
  • Confidence & Compliance
  • Best patient outcomes & Patient satisfaction

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