ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 Platform

Enhance your business and create a unique patient experience.

Digitize your consultation and offer stand-out services such as frame comparison, digital centration and Virtual Try-on of frames in 3D.

Raise your business profile.

Impress your patients.

Ensure precise centration.

Enjoy more convenience.

Digitalize your business.

Raising your business profile in a digital world.

The digital age is redefining optometry practice. More and more patients are thinking of buying their glasses online. The key differentiators for
practices are customization, convenience and a unique patient experience.

With the ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 platform you can achieve new levels of
precision, speed, service and convenience – making the future of buying
glasses real now.

Understanding the needs of patients.

More and more patients are thinking of buying their glasses online.
What the internet cannot provide, however, is expert consultation,
professional centration and a unique patient experience. You can help
your patients understand what they need, validate their own research,
and guide them to a great solution.

69% of patients return to practices offering digital centration with a ZEISS instrument.1

Centration and consultation.

Nine mutually calibrated cameras capture a 180° view of the patient’s face in one shot. Measurement data is processed using 45 million points.

• 3D centration: 180° view with just one shot. No need for a clip-frame.
• Convergence control: Laser speckle avoids convergences, even at short distance.
• Precise data: Excellent measurement of back vertex distance, pupillary distance and
pantoscopic tilt for bespoke lenses.
• Body posture assistant: Helps to correct unnatural posture.
• Thick temples overlay: Detects the position of the cornea and measures the back vertex distance.

Virtual Try-on in 3D & frame comparison.

The Virtual Try-on module uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to learn from patient interactions. It analyses face shape, skin, eye and hair colour to help you suggest frames which suit your patient best.
• Expand your frame portfolio without overstocking your shop.
• Accelerate and improve the fitting process with virtual centration.

The ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 platform with Virtual Try-on in 3D opens up lots of possibilities in the selection of frames. Your patient can try on and compare frames that you have in your shop, or you can use their digital twin to try on frames from an online catalogue.

This is where the patient can really appreciate the advantages of ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 platform. Virtual Try-on in 3D is the patients’ preferred feature1, especially for those with a high prescription. After all, who has ever seen themselves from the side when buying glasses?

Monocular Centration

Monocular centration allows the individual determination of centration parameters for each eye. This method is useful with patients who are not able to focus on the fixation target with both eyes at the same time, because of problems such as phoria or alternating vision. With monocular centration, the ECP can take separate images of each eye (with the other eye closed) to avoid unnatural vergences.

Easy consultation process.

The digital platform is operated via ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 and is thus completely integrated into your ZEISS consultation process. Device management is easy and fast, whether you use a computer or an iPad2 and regardless of your level of experience.

ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 is the ‘brain’ of your practice ecosystem. It manages the patient journey from end to end. By connecting your ZEISS instruments, it makes your consultation process simple, fast and pleasant for your patient and for you, leaving you with more time for face-to-face communication.

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  • 1 Consumers study on Centration, October 2017. Base: DE: n=300, US: n=300, KOR: n=300 / Origin
  • 2 iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.