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In House Training

Did you know that ZEISS Academy UK offer in-house training? For up to 5 members of staff, we can offer either a full or half day training using equipment in your clinic in line with your requirements. Content can be tailored to your requirements, with topics covering a variety of areas.


The following information outlines our in house training programme and is to aid your decision as to whether this route of training is suitable for you:


  • Training will be delivered to a maximum of 5 staff members in your department.
  • Training will be on your own equipment. Equipment cannot be bought into your practice to facilitate the training.
  • Both staff and equipment need to be available and time dedicated to the session.
  • Fees are £700/day or £450/half day plus VAT.
  • The programme, to a certain extent may be tailored to your requirements.
  • Usually in house training will include some theory by way of a Powerpoint presentation followed by hands-on workshops.
  • Once you have confirmed you would like to proceed with in house training, a selection of proposed dates will be sent to you. Your preferred date will only be confirmed once we have received a Purchase Order. Training will not be able to take place unless we have received this order.
  • On receipt of payment and following the training, a certificate will be available for all staff who attend the session.
For more information about in house training opportunities, please contact us either by email at customercare .uk @zeiss .com, or call us on 01223 401450.