The Changing Face of Presbyopia (1 CET Point)

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The Changing Face of Presbyopia (1 CET Point)

We are seeing a change in the way we work and live our daily lives, more recently we have seen during and post the Covid-19 pandemic how people have adapted their lives.

With these changes to lifestyles and visual demands increasing there is an impact upon our accommodation, which has been linked to the earlier onset of presbyopia. During this lecture we will explore how vision has been impacted, which calls for us as eyecare professionals to reassess how we dispense and recommend lenses to support this.

Single vision and multifocal lenses have been the main go to optical solutions for presbyopes, with the pre-presbyope (or early low add presbyope) often being overlooked, and given a compromised solution. During this session we will explore the research and insight as to this growing need, followed by the potential solutions in the optical industry.

Finally we will discuss the communication with the patient, ensuring these individuals understand what their options are.

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