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Communication tools for every step of the patient journey. Helping you grow your business.

Attract and educate patients with ZEISS communication tools

More than ever, cataract patients have high expectations in not only receiving premium medical care, but also learning more about visual disorders and the treatment options available. That's why you need a premium IOL partner who can support you in your communication with patients.

Our goal is to help you grow your business by improving the patient experience. ZEISS offers a wide range of patient materials for every step of their journey, ranging from brochures and digital consultation tools through to ready-made promotional assets for you to personalise with your own clinic branding. The result: empowered patients and higher satisfaction.

Scroll down for highlights of our educational, consultation and promotional patient materials - and don't miss the free samples that you can use in your clinic right away!

Tools for education and awareness

Help your patients learn at home

Enable your patients to safely inform themselves in the comfort of their own homes, prior to the consultation in your clinic. ZEISS provides materials that allow patients to get upfront information about cataracts, treatment options and the benefits of premium IOLs – in a comfortable, safe and efficient experience. Not only can patients educate themselves, but you’ll be able to reduce overall chair-time during future consultations. Download your free patient education sample below...

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Tools for consultation and conversion

Address patient needs and manage expectations

As a cataract expert, you know the best treatment option for every patient. Enhance your patient consultation process by using ZEISS support material that helps you to understand the needs of your patients and manage their expectations even better. Our patient-friendly tools will help you to better explain different treatment options and visualise the benefits of different IOLs. And with a take-away brochure, patients also have the opportunity to review the information at home and make their informed decision. Get free access to the ZEISS Vision Simulation Tool below...

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Tools for direct promotion

Attract patients to your clinic and promote benefits of premium IOL treatment

Reaching out to your patients with the right messaging requires time and resources. With the ZEISS patient tools for online, print and in-clinic communication, you can easily promote the benefits of IOL treatments and attract patients to your clinic in an appealing and engaging way. Download your free social media sample below...

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Clinical support for ZEISS Premium IOLs

Learn more with these on-demand webinars

Improving Refractive Outcomes after Cataract Surgery

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During Professor Barrett's keynote session, he will share how he has overcome the challenges of choosing the correct IOL, for both traditional and complex cataract and refractive surgery cases. This will include patients with astigmatism requiring toric IOLs, patients who have previously undergone laser vision correction and radial keratotomy (RK), and patients who have very long or short eyes.

Professor Barrett will also explore the many advances throughout his Ophthalmology career, specifically those that have impacted most on improving refractive outcomes, such as biometry, total keratometry and IOL calculation. This will include a discussion on the evolution of IOL calculation and what inspired him to develop the Barrett formulae.

"Overall, I will offer you an insight into my own surgical experiences and share my key practice pearls for achieving post-operative success”, Professor Graham Barrett.

Mastering Toric IOLs: Preoperative Pearls & Practices for Post-Operative Success

Are you looking to achieve greater precision and enhanced outcomes in your toric IOL surgery?

This session will provide a comprehensive primer for improving outcomes with toric IOLs. Topics include:

  • Biometry & IOL Power Calculation for Toric IOLs
  • Counselling patients for Toric IOLs - Pearls and Pitfalls of Pre-Operative 
  • Education on Astigmatism Correction
  • Differences in Astigmatism Treatment Options and Outcomes - 
  • Expanding Options for Patient Expectations
  • Case scenarios and Q&A

Patient Selection for Premium Refractive IOLs

This webinar aims to equip you with the tools and guidelines you need to successfully engage your patients in shared decision-making for IOL selection and refractive goals, considering the patient’s preferred refractive outcome, lifestyle and expectations.

Topics include:

  • Understanding patient needs
  • Managing patient expectations
  • A guide to premium IOL selection & calculation

Introduction to use Social Media for your Private Practice

For most people, Social Media has become a staple in our everyday lives. However the prospect of using it to promote your business may seem daunting, if you’re not entirely sure on the most effective ways to use it.

Sound familiar?

ZEISS are delighted to be offering a helpful online session on how to get started with using social media to promote your practice. Whether you have past experience or not, this is a great way to get clued up on social media!

Webinar topics will include:
• An introduction to the key social media channels
• Types of social media content to post
• The difference between organic and paid social media
• How to start growing your social media presence today

We also cover some helpful tips and tricks like repurposing content - a great technique that can help save you time and efficiency in your marketing.

Get in touch and learn more!

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ZEISS IOL Portfolio

ZEISS Monofocal IOLs


ZEISS Monofocal IOLs

The ZEISS monofocal portfolio embraces ZEISS optical heritage with 4 different monofocal optical concepts. The diverse range of lens materials and shapes supports individual surgeon preferences. The IOLs are complemented by a selection of easy-to-use preloaded injector systems.

Choose from ZEISS CT LUCIA, CT ASPHINA and CT SPEHERIS monofocal platforms.




With one of the broadest toric IOL ranges on the market, the ZEISS toric portfolio enables precise selection of the most suitable IOL from approximately 2000 options with 0.5D increment steps and up to 12D in cylinder. The IOLs feature a 4-haptic design for proven rotational stability.

Choose from ZEISS AT LARA, AT LISA tri and AT TORBI toric platforms.




ZEISS EDoF IOLs are the latest additions to the leading IOL portfolio from ZEISS. They were designed to offer a wide range of focus with excellent vision from far through intermediate distances. EDoF IOLs combine the best of both worlds: a high spectacle independence and reduced visual side effects such as halo and glare.

Choose from ZEISS AT LARA and AT LARA toric EDoF platforms.

ZEISS Multifocal IOLs


ZEISS Multifocal IOLs

Thanks to their optical design with multiple focus points, ZEISS multifocal lOLs can restore visual function at all distances. ZEISS trifocal IOLs offer excellent quality of vision for near, intermediate and far distances, and ZEISS bifocal IOLs provide great visual acuity at both near and far distances. Patients enjoy high spectacle independence, leading to a better quality of life.

Choose from ZEISS AT LISA bifocal and trifocal platforms.

ZEISS Premium Cataract Workflow

Boost your clinical and commercial success with cutting edge technology

Stay out in front with amazing technology from ZEISS that will take your refractive outcomes, your work flow, and your patients' experience to the next level.