Transform production data into operational success.


The ZEISS GUARDUS is a homogeneous platform for the continuous capture, visualization and monitoring of all product and process data throughout the value chain.


All quality and production management requirements (CAQ, BDE, MDE, TRA & KPI) are presented using the Manufacturing Execution System from ZEISS GUARDUS as a central application. This not only includes quality and production, but also product development and customer and supplier relationships, which are an integral part of ZEISS GUARDUS.


One for all and all for one.

ZEISS GUARDUS offers globally operating companies a central IT base. The aim is to align the flow of information with the value chain and automate production processes. The solution is based on an integrated technology for the process-oriented capture, visualization and monitoring of all quality and production data. All production and process data are brought together in one system: from quality and operating data to machine data and product traceability, as well as maintenance and preparation of production and quality indicators.

All parameters and test results are made available on time and in the maximum data quality. To ensure this comprehensive data stock is used efficiently, ZEISS GUARDUS integrates all communication partners via automated workflows and escalation mechanisms.

Our customers and industries

Our customers are at home in the discrete manufacturing industry and are often the market leaders in their industry.
To perfectly support unique industry processes, ZEISS GUARDUS offers tailored solutions for customers in its domestic markets. It focuses on the following areas in particular: automotive, electronics, plastics, aerospace and medical technology.

A to Z of services

The range of services is available from the moment you search for the right product and create a comprehensive actual state analyses. When presenting the solution, a project management structure ensures efficient implementation – from data transfer through to individual software adjustments to functions and user interfaces.

Process orientation and functional diversity

The ZEISS GUARDUS philosophy is to focus on the horizontal visualization of all quality and production-related process in the value chain. All modules feature comprehensive, integral basic functions and each one forms a closed control loop (Plan-Do-Check-Act). Every component can be used independently – without any redundancies for other ZEISS GUARDUS elements.

The result? Companies are in a position to start their projects with the precise modules they need. This makes it possible to gradually tap into new functional areas.

Technical philosophy

The GUARDUS technology enables all user masks to be adjusted individually. No matter if you work in Purchasing, Production, Quality Control or Service, the ZEISS GUARDUS technology will provide you with the right functions in the right form at the right time.

The result? Complete release capability and maximum software quality from ZEISS GUARDUS.

Control center for individual indicators

The ZEISS GUARDUS measures catalogue contains all the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) for quality and production management. Taking the consistent data platform of the ZEISS GUARDUS as its basis, the Cockpit module visualizes all product and process indicators in a unique way, e.g. as a traffic light system, diagrams, tables or via the drill-down functions.

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Supporting modern MES solutions on the road to Smart Production

At the industrial companies of the future, the intelligent workpiece is set to finds its way into production with no need for third-party assistance. In order to create these autonomous technospheres, people, products, machines and tools must communicate with each other at all stages of the production process. Software systems like ZEISS GUARDUS play a major role in capturing, visualizing and monitoring all quality and production-related products and process data.

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