Recording And Regulating Workpiece Temperature

Temperature sensors and TEMPAR active from ZEISS

With the help of temperature interfaces, you can easily capture the temperature of your workpiece in order to use the temperature compensation of your CMM. TEMPAR active actively monitors and regulates the temperature of your workpiece. This will save you valuable time.

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pallet with sensor for monitoring workpiece temperature

Automatic detection of the temperature

Temperature interfaces

We offer digital and analogue temperature sensors. These sensors can also be integrated in pallets. The temperature is measured automatically when changing the pallets, resulting in a shortened set-up time. Please check the compatibility and the interfaces for your measuring machine.

TEMPAR Active shows in color whether the desired temperature has been reached.

Active regulation of the workpiece temperature

TEMPAR active

It often takes a while for workpieces to reach their appropriate temperature for measurement. TEMPAR active not only monitors the workpiece temperature, but also regulates it. If your workpiece has reached the desired temperature, you will receive a notification via the console. As a result, you no longer have to idly wait for the optimum temperature, but actively contribute to faster cooling of your workpiece. If you are interested in TEMPAR active, please contact us. 

The importance of workpiece temperature

Invisible to the naked eye

As temperature increases, most workpiece materials expand, change their shape, and as a result, influence the measuring result. Let’s suppose that the temperature of your one-meter-long workpiece increases from 20 °C to 21 °C. If your workpiece is made of steel, this change already made it grow by 11 µm. If your workpiece is made of aluminum, it grew even more – by a total of 24 µm. But workpieces can warm up, particularly during machining, storage, or even cleaning. Hence, keep the following rule in mind: the temperature of the workpiece should be exactly the same as the temperature of the measuring lab, namely 20 °C.

Integrated temperature sensor saves time

Measuring tip

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