Clamping devices and fixture system solutions for metrology

With its modular and standardized system architecture, our ZEISS CARFIT line of fixtures sets the pace in inspection technology.


The budget-friendly clamping device for your inspection process


The Mobile Honeycomb Plate with E-Drive

The modular measuring Fixture System

ZEISS CARFIT standard components

Standardized quality. Infinite flexibility.

ZEISS CARFIT is a modular fixture system for measurement of vehicle parts in  order to evaluate the fit of the parts and their geometry to each other.

Based on ZEISS CARFIT standard components customized fixtures and „Meisterbock“ systems are manufactured according to customer requirements.

Advantages of ZEISS CARFIT measurement fixtures
  • Modular construction
  • Easy implementation
  • High degree of standardization
  • Reusable, extendable and space saving
  • Developed in cooperation with leading automative brands
  • CAD design library

Modular construction

With its modular and standardized system architecture, the ZEISS CARFIT line of fixtures sets the pace in inspection technology. Due to its flexibility, affordability and optimal adaptability, the universal fixture system is the right choice for all applications in development, tool manufacture and prototype construction, as well as volume production.

Easy implementation

ZEISS CARFIT is known for its unique connecting, fastening and clamping technology, which ensures a high degree of precision, repeatability and fast part exchange. The system provides ease of operation, minimal setup and modification costs, excellent stability and rigidity, as well as good accessibility to the measuring locations and precise interaction with measuring machines.

High degree of standardization

Compatible designs and an extraordinary variety of standardized components provide the foundation for extreme flexibility, thus ensuring that all types of fixtures can be quickly and economically manufactured with a great deal of standardization. Standardization delivers cost benefits and enables the use of the same proven technology around the world without compromising quality and precision.

Reusable. Extendable. Space saving.

The modular design of the entire ZEISS CARFIT system is cost effective because it allows part retooling, which means saving resources. In addition, each design can be expanded or modified using individual components. Especially where many different parts are measured and there is no space for storing frame fixtures, space can be saved due to the flexible system in combination with a holegrid plate.

Developed in cooperation with leading automotive brands

We put decades of experience in measuring and fixtures technology into our ZEISS CARFIT systems. We further evolve our products by incorporating the acquired knowledge from our own fixturing components and our customers‘ many diverse
applications. Consistently optimized and perfected products ensure suitable solutions that meet our customers‘ current requirements as well as provide an innovative approach to fixture construction globally.

CAD design library

The modular ZEISS CARFIT standard components system is available now for construction: You get the complete ZEISS CARFIT CAD library from us for free, enabling you to configure your own construction for exactly the measuring application you need. All components are shown as 3D models in the CATIA and NX software.

Clamping without limits with the ZEISS CARFIT system

Quick Change Element
Linear Sliding Unit
Adjustment Unit
3 D Tuning Unit
Quick Change Unit
Hook clamp
Pivoting Unit
Hydraulic Lifting Unit
Rectangle Lifting Unit
Support Blanks
Clamp Console
Toggle Clamps
Flange Clamp

ZEISS CARFIT systems support the complete spectrum of fixturing requirements in pilot and serial production. The extraordinary variety of standardized components makes it easy to produce all kinds of inspection and fixturing devices: from measuring very small components to large-volume car body assemblies, from single to assembled parts, plastic and sheet-metal parts and interior and exterior components. Although these components have different primary areas of use, they are also intercompatible, ensuring that you have the optimum solution for every measuring job.

You can choose systems featuring a ZEISS CARFIT frame design with extruded and grid profiles as well as grid plate systems. Specialized components make it possible to construct scanning fixtures for performing optical measurements from any position. Where space is tight, a support and clamping system enables the flexible construction of component-specific fixtures. Standards, including Meisterbock matching equipment screws, a hydraulic unit, quick-change technology and guide systems, ensure that integrated systems meet your particular requirements.

ZEISS CARFIT extruded profiles

Aluminum extrusions with longitudinal slots

ZEISS CARFIT grid profiles

Aluminum extrusions with hole grid



Customer Application

  • Body-In-White
  • Interior and Exterior Trim Parts
  • Chassis
Customer Process
  • Forming and Stamping
  • Welding, Connections, Molding
  • BIW
  • Launch Support / Analyses
  • Serial Production Measurements


Customer Application

  • Body-In-White
  • Interior and Exterior Trim Parts
  • Chassis
Customer Process
  • Forming and Stamping
  • Welding, Connections, Molding
  • BIW
  • Launch Support / Analyses
  • Serial Production Measurements


Customer Application

  • Aircraft Fuselage
  • Interior and Exterior Trim Parts
Customer Process
  • Forming and Stamping
  • Welding, Connections, Molding
  • Launch Support / Analyses
  • Serial Production Measurements

For nearly 25 years we've offered onsite support for our customers in the key regions for automotive and aerospace as an international solutions provider. Now it's your turn to benefit from this as well.

Stephan Kirsch, Product Manager ZEISS CARFIT

System for Meisterbocks

With extruded or grid profile

Due to the modular design of all standard components. ZEISS CARFIT is the cost-effective, standardized foundation for the production of even the most complex and versatile Meisterbock devices.

Support and clamping system

The versatile spacesaving system

These systems are primarily used where many different parts have to be measured and space for storing equipment is lacking. The design is based on a hole grid plate for the clamping of changing part-specific supports. This line has proven its value both in volume measuring fixtures and in prototyping.

Framework system

With extruded or grid profile

The ZEISS CARFIT frame line is used for reproducible clamping of parts and assemblies. The basic design of the measuring fixture consists of ZEISS CARFIT profiles and standard modules for fixtureing and clamping of parts or workpieces. Due to the high degree of variability, this system can be used for prototype measuring equipment up to serial inspection.

System for optical measurements

For optimum capture of the target markers

This, as with all ZEISS CARFIT series and standard components compatible system, is ideal for the production of scanning devices. Octagonal profiles enable the optical measuring of components from different angles. The parts being inspected can be
mounted in any position and also rotated 360 degrees so that all areas of the parts can be properly captured. Quick-change systems and top ends for part acquisition support the shortened inspection times of automated measuring tasks.

Hole grid plates

The lightweight plate series in honeycomb design

ZEISS CARFIT manufactures hole grid plates in a wide
range of dimensions with various grid patterns.
The sandwich plates in patented honeycomb design stand out due to their exceptional light weight and stiffness. The range is complemented by self-driving and automated models: For more information, click on ZEISS CARFIT eMOBEE, the mobile honeycomb grid plate with e-Drive.

Target support kit

Smart connecting system for optical markers

The ZEISS CARFIT target support kit is an individually connectable and reusable system to create simple supports for the reference markers required for optical measurement.
Due to its octagonal profile, the system offers the highest possible accessibility and is extremely easy to use. It can be used over and over again.