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Fields of Application

With the right measuring method for any material: be it sheet-metal parts, cast parts made of metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, deformable parts like rubber or silicone-like materials or fabric-covered surfaces, ZEISS has the right measuring method for any task.

  • Inspection of the geometric product specifications – dimensions, form and location – with exceptional accuracy
  • Creation of measuring programs for the ZEISS CALYPSO and ZEISS CALIGO
  • Nominal-actual comparison, curve measurement, comparison against CAD data set
  • Initial sampling with test report (e.g. VDA or PPAP)
  • Reverse engineering using different processes, e.g. fringe projection, laser triangulation and computed tomography
  • Highly accurate measurements of reference parts
  • Measurement of all components from sectors including: Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, BIW, Powertrain, Gear Manufacture, All types of Precision engineering.

Display and Assessment of Measuring Results

CAD data

We use CAD data with PMI technology from most standard formats. Through direct input of the specific measuring uncertainty and traceability to national standards, we assure reliable results. Then it comes to the displaying measuring results, there are different possibilities depending on the requirements.

We’ll provide you with the results in the form of a nominal-actual comparison, a curve evaluation either in printed form or digitally. This means all options for using the measurement data are open to you.

Various interfaces enable export of the measuring results to CAQ systems or for process data capture via, e.g. ZEISS PiWeb.

Reliable Measuring & Imaging Services Customised to Meet Your Measuring Needs

ZEISS Quality Excellence Centre, Rugby, UK

Where Metrology & Microscopy Meet

From contact and optical measurements to computed tomography, electron and light microscopy – our ZEISS Quality Excellence Centre in Rugby, UK, is well equipped to meet all your metrology and imaging needs. Complex demands in measuring technology require in-depth expertise and understanding. The utilisation of state-of-the-art measuring machines enable us to find the ideal solution for each of your requirements.

Contact us to find out more about these services, and how metrology and microscopy systems can be correlated to add further value to your measurement workflow.

Terms & Conditions

  • Excludes pre-existing projects and/or enquires already entered into our database

  • UK & Ireland based customers only

  • Applies to parts which can be inspected using either SEM, CT or CMM technologies, and equipment must be available within Carl Zeiss Limited

  • Customers’ first part or 60 minutes’ worth of labour ( whichever comes first) included free of charge

  • In the event any custom Styli, fixturing or consumables are required to complete the inspection, further costs may apply
  • ZEISS reserves to right to withdraw this offer at any time