Have a look inside a component without opening up or destroying it. Who, from time to time, hasn't felt the urge to have a peek inside a carefully wrapped present? The same holds true of quality assurance: there are sometimes situations where having a looking inside would help enormously. These days, this is no longer a problem thanks to industrial computer tomographs. Discover the wide range of possibilities offered by a CT, and check out the services we offer to help you utilize these opportunities – without needing to invest in a system yourself.

For complex measuring and inspection jobs

With computer tomographs, you capture the entire component – inside and out – so that you can also tackle complex measuring jobs.

Reverse Engineering

From the finished component to the design data: our CT Reverse Engineering provides you with the design data from your components.

Destruction-free materials testing

CT scans make defects in plastics and light metals visible without destroying the component.

Geometry comparisons

CT scans enables nominal/actual geometry comparisons with color-coded error visualization in 3D.

These customers put their trust in CT technologies from ZEISS:

Shorter measuring times for die casting and injection molding


Faster tool correction with Reverse Engineering

Horst Scholz GmbH & Co. KG

Computed tomography makes the behavior of silicone visible


The guarantee for the best packaging solutions