Dialyt Spotting Scope

The field spotter for observation over long distance

Immediately ready for detailed images and the best moments of observation

The development of the Dialyt 18-45x65 "field spotter" concentrated on compact dimensions and lightweight construction as well as reliability and durability, therefore, you can rely on the field-proven reliability of this spotting scope in tough conditions for absolute precision in your observation. The waterproof and condensation-free design makes the Dialyt 18-45x65 ready for use at any time – simply pull it from your backpack and start watching. The ease of operation and the robust rubber armour that forms part of the classic Dialyt design, completes the picture. All in all the perfect companion for long-range observation on lengthy excursions. A scope that will offer you detailed images of the most beautiful observational moments, without weighing you down on uphill climbs or long hikes.


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  • Highlights

    Here you find the top features of the Dialyt spotting scope.

    Reliable and robust

    The Dialyt spotting scope was specially developed for long excursions in difficult terrain and shows its strengths even in the toughest conditions.

    Ready for use in an instand

    Resting on your backpack or against a tree, the Dialyt 18-45x65 is always ready for use.

    High-performance optics

    With its wide field of view, high resolution and large magnification range, you can identify even the finest details at long distances.

  • Features

    Reliable and robust

    The Dialyt spotting scope shows its strengths even in the toughest conditions. On long trips, in impenetrable terrain, when you need uncompromising reliability, this compact and lightweight spotting scope is bound to impress. Its Monobloc construction makes the Dialyt spotting scope very handy and utterly reliable whatever the weather.

    Quick and secure recognize

    The speed at which your spotting scope is ready for use is frequently a critical factor in bird and nature observation. The quicker your spotting scope is ready, the more time you have to observe. The Dialyt 18-45x65 is therefore designed to be quickly positioned against a tree or rested on a backpack, providing a stable support, where setting up a tripod would waste valuable minutes. The alignment sights and lens focusing, aid with rapid target acquisition.

    High-performance optics

    The animals you wish to observe do not usually pay any attention to the lighting conditions. The high-performance optical concept of the Dialyt addresses this fact successfully and offers bright, high-contrast images, even in early morning light or late evening twilight. This demands the latest multi-layer coatings, which enable you to carry on observing even in the most challenging conditions.

    With its wide field of view, high resolution and large magnification range you can identify even the finest details at long range.

    Compact and lightweight

    The lightweight, compact Monobloc construction makes the Dialyt 18-45x65 your ideal companion for long excursions, as it can be easily carried in your backpack.

    The Dialyt 18-45x65 is also perfectly suited for use as a second or travel scope for outdoor excursions, walking, shooting sports and amateur astronomy.

    No condensation

    A sealed, alloy housing filled with nitrogen prevents condensation from forming inside the Dialyt 18–45x65. As a result, it is unaffected by wet and cold weather. Even if the air pressure suddenly changes the internal optics of the Dialyt 18-45x65 are protected from misting up by their nitrogen filling, which means they are always ready to use. It gives a huge practical advantage over shorter spotting scopes, which draw in air as a result of their structural design and are not filled with nitrogen. You can therefore rely totally on the functionality of your spotting scope, whether you are in the mountains or in flat, open countryside.

    Variable magnification

    You can find animals quickly at 18 x magnification thanks to the wide field of view and can then focus up to 45 x magnification, making it possible to identify even the small details with razor sharpness. This is due to the variable eyepiece with 18 to 45 x magnification. You are rewarded with bright, high-contrast images.

    Comfortable operation

    The Dialyt spotting scope is particularly easy to operate, even when speed is of the essence: the device is always primed and ready. You can therefore be very flexible in your choice of position. Whether it is rested quickly on a tree or positioned silently on your backpack, the compact spotting scope with alignment sight helps you to focus on your target at lightning speed.

    The non-slip, shock-absorbing rubber armour means that you can operate it silently and easily, even with gloves on.

    Tripod connection

    Even though you can rest the Dialyt 18-45x65 on your backpack or against a tree, the device does also come with a tried and tested tripod connection. For long observations you can mount the spotting scope comfortably on one of our aluminium or carbon fibre tripods, or on a lightweight monopod. These can always be used when there are no natural resting places available, or when you want to observe over a longer period of time.

  • Models

    Dialyt 18-45x65

    The Dialyt 18-45x65 is a particularly lightweight and compact spotting scope. This is the ultimate spotting scope for long walks in difficult terrain. Alongside robustness and reliability, the Dialyt spotting scope is primarily noted for its rapid operational readiness. With its unmistakeable classic design, this member of the Dialyt family is the perfect combination of classic elegance and high practical functionality.


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    Technical data

    Here you find all technical data about the Dialyt 18-45x65

    Magnification 18 - 45 x
    Effective Lens Diameter65 mm
    Exit Pupil Diameter 3.6 - 1.4 mm
    Field of View at 1000m 40 - 23 m
    Close Focus10 m
    Lens TypeAchromat (5 Lenses)
    Water Resistance400 mbar
    Length395 mm
    Width76 mm
    Height78 mm
    Weight in Use1195 g
    Order Number528007


    The Dialyt 18-45x65 is suitable for

    Less suitable Very suitable
    Nature observation
    Outdoor activities
  • Accessories

    Practical accessories to get even more from special moments

    The accessories have been developed with practical function in mind, and help you to use the Dialyt spotting scope to the full. One such benefit is offered by the tripod, which fits the Dialyt 18-45x65.

    ZEISS Tripod Professional

    The carbon tripod provides utmost stability and flexibility. It can be combined with all ZEISS spotting scopes and most binoculars. The tripod head allows for particularly soft panning and tilting, featuring a precise and safe clamping mechanism. Including a slideable quick-change plate.

  • Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers

    • What is the transmission of the Dialyt spotting scope in comparison to the DiaScope models?

      It is not possible to compare the Dialyt and DiaScope, because the devices are in different classes: The DiaScope has been designed for the best viewing experience without compromise and offers a range of interchangeable eyepieces for all applications. The Dialyt, in contrast, is reduced to the basics in order to be used quickly - even in adverse conditions - and to quickly recognise fine details at a great distance. The Dialyt is therefore for identification and not for visual experience. Compact dimensions, low weight, maximum robustness and not least an acceptable price - these are the Dialyt qualities. Both devices offer extremely high transmission values for their respective class.

    • What do the abbreviations mean?

      Meaning of the abbreviations


      Binoculars or spotting scopes with glasses that contain fluoride (FL) for sharper, higher contrast images with significantly reduced chromatic aberrations; Fluoride Lenses; a special, high-quality sub-category of the ED lenses


      Previously used to designate Dialyt binoculars with rubber armour


      ZEISS T* Multi-layer coating for extremely high transmission and low reflex susceptibility


      ZEISS Multi-layer coating (multi coating)


      P / P*
      Phase correction coating on the roof prisms, which provide a higher resolution of the finest detail structures. All ZEISS binoculars with roof prisms use this coating


      Previously used to designate binoculars that can be worn by people who wear glasses.
      Now all ZEISS binoculars and spotting scope eyepieces are suitable for people who wear glasses, so the "B" designation is no longer used


      Binoculars with mechanical image stabilisation


      Extra low Dispersion = low chromatic aberrations


      High Definition. HD is not a type of lens. Instead it describes the result of the ED lenses: very good resolution


      High Transmission = lenses by Schott with very good transmission properties.



      Smart Focus = Conventional binoculars require the focusing wheel to be turned 2.5 times in order to switch from the close focus to the maximum observation distance. The VICTORY SF only requires the wheel to be turned 1.8 times.