Dominate the competition.

ZEISS LRP S5 First Focal Plane Riflescopes

ZEISS Precision Shooting

Dominate the Competition.

Dominating the course of fire in a precision shooting competition requires you to have strong nerves and most reliable equipment. You need to find the right balance between speed and precision. The competition is absolutely fierce in the PRS Pro Series. You are here to win this match – not just compete. To win, you must swiftly identify the target and bullet splash at distances up to 1,500 yards – and beyond.

First Focal Plane Riflescopes


ZEISS introduces two all-new first focal plane riflescopes to help you dominate the competition and win the match. The ZEISS LRP S5 318-50 and 525-56 models represent the pinnacle of precision riflescopes available today. They provide an image that is bright, with excellent color contrast and razor-sharp resolution as well as a truly daylight visible illuminated reticle and 40 MRAD of elevation adjustment. 

Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

ZEISS Conquest V4

Our second focal plane rifle scopes provide useful for visibility throughout all magnification ranges. Special models have a ballistic turret with a wide reticle adjustment range (elevation and windage). Optional ballistic reticles are also available that allow the shooter to quickly make elevation and windage corrections with no mechanical adjustment necessary.

ZEISS Observation Products for Precision Shooting

Optical performance and great ergonomics in one.

Binoculars and spotting scopes from ZEISS have a legendary reputation. A reputation founded over the years on exceptional optical performance, outstanding ergonomics, robust construction and a world of innovations that have constantly expanded the limits of the technically possible. Generations of users swear by their ZEISS optics. ZEISS offers highest-quality equipment for a wide range of different needs – from special binoculars for observation in the twilight hours and at night to compact binoculars for everyday use.


Tailored to meet your requirements.

The practical accessories have been developed by competitive shooter for shooter and always focus on the needs of the user. The accessories for ZEISS riflescopes, for example, offers you safe transport, simple sighting in or even easier handling. With the addition of well thought-out accessories for ZEISS Binoculares you can enhance your visual experience even more. However versatile the applications of the high-performance spotting scopes from ZEISS may be, the accessories are equally versatile.

Riflescope Accessories

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Spotting Scope Accessories

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