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ZEISS Batis Lenses

Photography is a form of expression, a chance to capture and preserve moments, experiences and emotions. Photography is a thoroughly creative pursuit. In short, it is an art form.

And those who wish to follow their creative vision need the right partner by their side, i.e. lenses that perfectly fit their camera body. Lenses capable of capturing precisely what the photographer wants the world to see – in a way that’s close enough to touch. For over 125 years, ZEISS has been gaining experience in lens manufacturing and amassing scientific expertise across all of our business areas.

Fully compatible with all Sony* mirrorless camera series, the ZEISS Batis autofocus lens family meets the high ZEISS quality and imaging specifications, meaning photographers can unleash their creativity, vision and focus on the subject at hand.

This is the perfect combination of top-class technology and fascinating art that creates the unmistakable ZEISS Look.



Sharpness | 3D pop | True color


High micro contrasts across the entire image field.

For exceptionally crisp shots.

Imagine a photo that not only tells a story but also reveals many important details at the same time. A crisp image is superior to a shot that is enhanced later on. Any post processing you choose to add to your imagery will only be enhanced by the contrast captured by the Batis lens.

The high-quality ZEISS Batis fixed focal lengths ensure an exceptionally high level of definition – not only in the center of the image, but right into the edges – even at wide-open aperture. The basis for such outstanding results is an elaborate optical design, premium-quality lens components and a precise mechanical design with low serial dispersion.

Excellent sharpness thanks to micro contrast

Low micro contrast

3D pop

Harmonious bokeh thanks to excellent optical design.

For subjects that are as real as life itself.

Some subjects have a way of effectively catching a photographer’s eye. The ZEISS Batis lenses help photos convey the feeling that the areas in focus appear almost separate to the rest of the image. At wide-open aperture, they create the magical ZEISS 3D pop effect and deliver a harmonious bokeh for great visual impact.

3D pop thanks to exceptional definition and a harmonious bokeh

ZEISS 3D pop

Our brilliant optical design and a sharp transition out of the focused areas create a perfect distinction between the main subject and its environment. Even in images with highlights in front of or behind the subject, chaotic background and/or strong bright-dark contrasts, the ZEISS Batis lenses allow you to achieve truly impressive photographs.

ZEISS 3D pop

True color

High-transmission lenses combined with the ZEISS T* multi-layer coating.

For an explosion of color in every detail.

Impressive subjects and perfect moments can occur all over the world at any time during the day or night. But no matter whether a photo is taken spontaneously or it took plenty of time and effort to find just the right subject, the photograph must always be able to do one thing: convey emotions. True, clear and natural color is essential.

Experience color and local flavor and capture moments for all eternity – the ZEISS Batis lenses make it so easy.

True color thanks to the ZEISS T* multi-layer coating and selected glass types

Poor color rendition

The color fidelity achieved by the ZEISS Batis lenses gives photographs a lively, real character. Even unedited shots looks impressive. If you’re a photographer who edits images, then true color provides a sound basis with no tinges. The images’ large dynamic range and the strong bright-dark contrasts make them all the more exciting.

The combination of the ZEISS T* multi-layer coating and high-transmission lenses ensures that the true color is preserved as well as possible and not compromised. We invented this optical coating technology, which even permits a distinction between fine color gradients in a subject due to the high color rendition.

Exceptional contrast thanks to the ZEISS T* multi-layer coating

Low contrast

Experience the ZEISS Look in Marrakech.

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Lightweight and robust.

High-tech plastics and a rugged metal housing.

Handy and lightweight despite its durable metal housing

Give your creativity free rein.

It has never been easier to achieve such exceptional results. The ZEISS Batis lenses allow you to focus fully on photography thanks to their optimized lightweight design with high-tech plastics and a special metal housing.

Together with the high manufacturing quality users have come to expect, you’ll receive lightweight and compact fixed focal lengths that form a powerful system in combination with the Sony* mirrorless camera series. For example, in the powerful focal lengths 2.8/18 mm, 2/25 mm, 2/40 mm CF, 1.8/85 mm and 2.8/135 mm.

The ZEISS Batis family has not just been streamlined in terms of its light intensity. These are lenses that produce brilliant image quality and that will assist you in special situations and with daily photography tasks – for equipment you can rely on every time.

Weather and dust sealing.

Rugged, weather-resistant design.

Weather and dust sealing

For limitless creativity.

The best subjects can be found in places and in moments that might initially seem less than ideal: whirling sand during a desert expedition, the surprising beauty of a sudden rainstorm, or the fascinating display of a thundering waterfall seen right up close.

So don’t let splashing water or dust hold you back! Capture the moments that speak to you, whenever and wherever they occur. After all, only you know where to find them.

Our ZEISS Batis lenses are perfectly suited to demanding outdoor use. Special felt and rubber seals have been integrated into the housing to ensure that the lenses create unique images even in poor weather or when dust is all around. ZEISS Batis lenses are designed to withstand years of intensive use.

OLED display.

Electronic display indicating focus distance and depth of field.

Demonstration of the display and simulation of the imaging results

For technology that offers planning security.

Precision is not just a key factor when implementing our technological expertise, but also when bringing your creative visions to life.

The innovative OLED display allows you to easily and intuitively check the focus distance and depth of field. Even in poor light, excellent readability is always guaranteed. They will always capture your subjects in the required depth of field.

In the ZEISS Batis lens family we are relaunching the OLED display in the Camera Lenses product area – for perfect focus and the most crisp photos yet.

Fixed focal length.

Fixed focal lengths combined with high series standards and low serial dispersion.

Suitable for high-resolution imaging

Exceptional definition thanks to high micro contrasts

Harmonious bokeh thanks to wide-open aperture and excellent optical design

For life’s special moments.

As the ZEISS Batis lenses are fixed focal lengths, we can bring the calculations fully into line with the optical design and the selected focal length.
All elements of the ZEISS lenses are perfectly matched; this is the basic idea behind system engineering. Thanks to high manufacturing standards and low series dispersion, we are meeting our customers’ considerable demands based on more than 125 years of experience in lens manufacturing.

What’s more, by consciously selecting and planning the use of fixed focal lengths, you can make your projects more open and more creative – without having to compromise on quality. Get ready for the greatest surprise of your life! By perfectly marrying your creativity with our technological expertise.

Tech Talk with ZEISS.

Delving further into the technology.

Lenspire article in English

The ZEISS Batis optic design.

Individually calculated for every single focal length.

Lens with with aspheric optical surface

Lens made of special glass with anomalous partial dispersion

Aspheric elements and special glass

Exceptional aspherical technology combined with a sophisticated mix of special lenses to ensure unique color and detail rendition and a harmonious progression between crisp and defocused image areas.

Dr. Johannes Zellner, Carl Zeiss AG

Lightweight, rugged metal housing

Precise, reliable and rugged thanks to the use of high-quality materials. A long life and low weight are guaranteed thanks to the high-quality metal/plastic mount.

ZEISS T* coating and optical design

All ZEISS lens surfaces feature the T* anti-reflective coating and an optical design that guarantees brilliant images, even in poor lighting conditions.

Smooth and reliable autofocus

The ZEISS Batis lenses’ focusing system guarantees stable, smooth autofocusing with outstanding imaging performance. The easy-grip focus ring is perfect for precision manual focusing.

Innovative OLED display

For the first time, the OLED display allows you to easily and intuitively check the focus distance and depth of field – even in poor light.

Sony E-mount*

ZEISS Batis autofocus lenses were developed specifically for Sony’s* mirrorless camera series. The lenses are fully compatible with all Sony E-mount* cameras.

Weather and dust sealing

Thanks to features designed to protect against dust and splashes, the lens is perfectly suited for demanding outdoor activities and for many years of intense use.


The ZEISS Look is your look!

You want to see and capture special moments.
We want to provide you with a tool that will allow you to go one step further as regards quality.

The images captured with the ZEISS Batis lenses are nothing short of exceptional – and image editing in the Batis lens family helps you achieve your goals more quickly.

*Sony and E-mount are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.

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