Conquest V4 1-4×24

High-quality optics for rugged hunting use.

Uncompromising quality and ruggedness – the Conquest V4 line of high-performance riflescopes combines the tried-and-true ZEISS optics concept with a rugged and functional design. Equipped with 4x zoom and functional and fully reliable mechanics, these scopes set a new standard in their class.

The 1-4x24 has proven to be the perfect riflescope for short-range hunting and situations which require the hunter to rapidly acquire the target.

  • Features

    Functional Mechanical Parts

    Unparalleled reliability


    The scope's mechanical parts prove their worth in every situation that demands a quick reaction from the hunter.

    Large Field of View


    The large field of view of 38 meters ensures fast target acquisition and a reliable overview of the hunting situation.

    Fine Illuminated Reticle


    The extremely fine, daylight-capable illuminated dot on the Reticle 60 can be activated when needed and impresses with its high light intensity. It can be continuously dimmed, making it ideal for any hunting situation. Its positioning in the second image plane ensures minimal subtension.

  • Reliability

    Tested in the laboratory. Proven in nature.

    Hunting optics are not a scientific instrument but tools which must function in every hunting scenario. If there is heavy rain when you are hunting, there is only one motto to go by: Persevere! The waterproofness of your optics should be the last thing on your mind.



    Shock test with up to 1,500 times

    1,500 g corresponds to the shooting load of the .460 Weatherby Magnum calibre.

    Precision in the face of stress

    When you’re out hunting, the optics are exposed to extreme forces whenever shots are fired with the variety of different calibres and weapons often fall over - ZEISS optics confidently brave all this and more during every hunting trip*.

    *A test shot is recommended after unintentional blows or shocks to the target optics.



    Waterproofing immersion test

    Our tests simulate continuous rain and complete immersion of the optics in water, ensuring that all ZEISS optics are fully waterproof.

    Washed with all waters

    Hours of waiting in the unrelenting pouring rain when out driven hunting, or the necessary cleaning of the optics with a water bottle – ZEISS hunting optics are built to be used and remain waterproof even when things get rough.

    Continuous Shock


    Continuous shocks for 90 minutes

    Even after one and a half hours of continuous vibration in different directions, the group of the optics remains unchanged.

    Tenaciously mobile

    Driving along bumpy forest and country lanes with the gun in the boot or navigating rough terrain on foot – bumps and shocks are a normal part of hunting. So it’s all the better if the optics are prepared*.

    *After unintended bumps or shocks to the riflescope, a test shot is recommended.



    Temperature shock

    Deep freezing to -40°C and temperature shocks from -25° to 50°C in under 5 minutes. In the climatic chamber, ZEISS optics are tested to the material´s limits.

    From the Sahara to the Arctic

    From the heat of the hut to the bitter cold of the outdoors, or hours in the blazing sun – ZEISS hunting optics operate reliably in extreme climatic conditions.



    24 hours in salt spray

    Side by side with metal test strips, ZEISS optics were stored in an aggressive salt water spray for 24 hours. While the test strips were covered in rust, the optics were entirely unfazed.

    Hard shell, hard core

    When you go hunting, your optics are often exposed to aggressive liquids such as hand sweat and cosmetics. But thanks to a high-quality seal, these don’t stand a chance against ZEISS optics.

  • Technical data
    Magnification 1 x 4 x
    Effective lens diameter
    12,1 mm 24 mm
    Exit pupil diameter
    11,9 mm 6,0 mm
    Twilight factor
    3,5 9,8
    Field of view at 100m
    38 m 9,5 m
    Ojective viewing angle
    21,5° 5,4°
    Diopter adjustment range
    Eye relief
    90 mm  
    91,4 m  
    Adjustment range at 100 m
    300 cm  
    Adjustment per click at 100m
    1,4 cm  
    Centre tube diameter
    30 mm  
    Eyepiece tube diameter
    44 mm  
    Objective tube diameter
    30 mm  
    LotuTec® / Nitrogen filled
    ja / ja  
    Water resistance
    400 mbar  
    Operating temperature
    256 mm  
    Weight without inner rail
    470 g  
  • Reticle

    Reticle 60


    The Reticle 60 is lighter and finer in looks than the similar Reticle 40. The posts only cover half­ the area, leaving double the amount of space between them. This makes it perfect for precision shooting with minimum coverage of the target game. At 12 x magnification and a target coverage of just 0.55 cm at 100 m you keep a good overview without losing sight of the finer details. The illuminated dot is very bright, and can therefore be used for daytime hunting. The dot can be finely adjusted, which makes it ideal for night-time hunting too. The reticle is in the 2nd image plane in each riflescope.

  • Accessoires

    Throw Lever

    for the Victory V8 as well as Conquest V6 and V4

    For fast magnification changes when speed is a critical factor.

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    Instructions for use

    Conquest V4
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