Emma Perrott

ZEISS Field Tester

What is a ZEISS Field Tester?

A ZEISS Field Tester is someone who is heavily involved in the shooting industry and will use ZEISS Optics in their day-to-day work.

The aim of a ZEISS Field Tester is to use the products and provide first-hand feedback on the products’ look, feel and usability to aid assist customers. 

Who is Emma Perrott?

Emma Perrott has been involved in shooting, gun dogs and countryside pursuits since being introduced to it by her father at a very young age.

Emma started to be heavily involved in deer stalking in her twenties and has been lucky enough to experience most aspects of shooting over the years, including game shooting, rough shooting, clays, deer stalking, and other vermin control. She spends most of her time now deer stalking in Scotland.

“I have been using ZEISS optics for many years now since owning my very first deer stalking rifle. I have changed rifles and various kit over the years but ZEISS has always been my choice for optics. I am a huge fan of the quality that ZEISS provides.”

Get in touch with Emma

If you have a question or want to get in touch with Emma to find out about her experiences as a ZEISS field tester, you can get in touch with her via:

Facebook: @bremahuntingadventures

Instagram: @bremahuntingadventures

YouTube: Brema Hunting Adventures

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