Practical Accessories for ZEISS Binoculars

Increase performance and experience more

With the addition of well thought-out accessories you can enhance your visual experience even more, either through the use of a Mono 3x12 T*, which can turn your binoculars into a spotting scope, or a comfortable carrying strap, which makes it easier for you to carry your equipment. The practical accessories have been developed by hunters for hunters and always focus on the needs of the user.

Comfort carrying strap from ZEISS

Binoculars are one of the most important parts of a hunter's equipment. Whether you are targeting game from a high vantage point, on a hunting trip or stalking game, having your binoculars within easy reach is essential for hunting success. The new binoculars comfort carrying strap from ZEISS ensures that your binoculars are always exactly where you need them: around your neck and on your chest. Its special features include easy, practical fixation of the binoculars and outstanding wearing comfort. Compared to simple carrying straps, the new strap from ZEISS allows you to carry your binoculars in total comfort. It is made of high-quality materials and feels pleasant on your skin. The high-quality workmanship prevents neck strain and distributes the weight of the binoculars over your upper body. The binoculars remain steady and do not swing in various directions when you are moving about. The strap length can be adjusted to meet the need of a wide range of applications. The binoculars are connected by feeding a strap through the brace eyelet. This type of connection is particularly quiet and prevents damage to the binoculars. Quick-release fasteners allow you to attach and detach the carrying strap extremely fast. For added convenience: the ends remaining on the binoculars can be connected to form a strap, allowing you to hold the binoculars more securely, also when you are not carrying them around your neck.

Carrying strap with Air Cell comfort

This enables you to carry binoculars with a lens diameter of 30 mm or more far more comfortably should you have a long deerstalking expedition ahead of you. The air cells embedded in the material make the strap much more comfortable to wear while the quick release fasteners mean that the high-quality strap is easy to put on and take off. The length is fully adjustable.

Replacement of straps for Binoculars containing PAHs

Mono 3x12 T*

If you want to take a closer look, the Monobooster can be fixed onto the eyepiece using an adapter ring and can easily be taken with you wherever you go. The VICTORY HT, Victory FL/RF and Conquest binoculars of 30 mm lens diameter can thus be turned into a high-performance spotting scope in the blink of an eye by tripling the magnification. The Mono 3x12 T* can also be used on its own as a miniature telescope or as a magnifying glass at close range.

Mono adaptor

In order to use the Mono 3x12 T* as a booster for your binoculars you need to fix it on with an adaptor. When you place your order simply specify which binoculars you want to use the Mono with. You will then be sent the correct adaptor. It fits with the Victory and Conquest binoculars of 30 mm lens diameter and the classic Dialyt.

Binofix tripod adapter

The universal adapter ensures that the Carl Zeiss binoculars of 30 mm lens diameter can be mounted quickly and easily on any type of tripod. This then enables stable observation over longer periods of time, even at extremely high magnifications. When used with the triple boost of the Mono attachment you can enjoy a visual experience similar to that provided by a spotting scope.

ZEISS Tripod Professional

The carbon tripod provides utmost stability and flexibility. It can be combined with all ZEISS spotting scopes and most binoculars. The tripod head allows for particularly soft panning and tilting, featuring a precise and safe clamping mechanism. Including a slideable quick-change plate.