Equipped for everyday hunting

ZEISS V8 riflescopes deliver more successful moments on the hunt than any other riflescope from ZEISS thanks to the combination of sophisticated features and their perfect interaction. Benefit from:

  • NEW 30 mm tube, thanks to the elegant yet robust new design
  • Outstanding optical performance, even in difficult light conditions
  • Fast target acquisition, thanks to the extra-large eyebox
  • Minimal target coverage, with the ultra-fine illuminated dot
  • A choice of models, available in 1.1-8x24, 1.8-14x50, 2.8-20x56 & 4.8-35x60
  • Three reticle options, available in 54, 43 & 60.
Smart illuminated dot reticle

In combination with the multifunction button for control of the illuminated dot, an intelligent motion sensor system automatically activates the illuminated dot as soon as the rifle is raised to take aim.

True long-range shooting capability

With an adjustment range of up to 100 clicks (click value = 1cm@100m), the BDC (ASV) enables accurate results through precise aiming at long-range. Long distances are no longer an obstacle.

Precise images

The new ZEISS V8 riflescopes provide brighter images coupled with most excellent image quality through advanced optical designs. These designs call for the best lens elements, light transmission coatings, and protective lens coatings. Furthermore, an ultra-sharp image is assured over all distances, thanks to the side parallax adjustment feature, standard with ZEISS V8 1.8-14x50, V8 2.8-20x56, and V8 4.8-35x60 models.

Highest performance combined with elegant design

The 30 mm main tube diameter offers a compact and mechanically sound design solution for the advanced ZEISS V8 riflescopes, offering a tough yet sleek and elegant design for the finest of hunting rifles.

Rapid aiming

Experience short reactions and rapid target acquisition ensured by large eye box and maximum field of view at low magnification settings.

Key Features

At a Glance

NEW 30 mm tube

Thanks to an elegant new design, the ZEISS V8 now mounts effortlessly onto your rifle, for a lightweight and perfectly balanced setup.

Outstanding twilight performance

ZEISS has always been synonymous for bright, high-contrast optics. The modern and sophisticated optical designs enhanced by the ZEISS T* multi-coating enables our V8 riflescopes to achieve light transmission of up to 92%.

Extra-large eye box

While getting on target quickly, with the reticle centered in the middle – the distance between the eye and the eyepiece (ocular) is crucial. A large ‘user-friendly’ eyebox enables you to acquire the target quickly and easily, ensuring higher success rates in dynamic hunting situations.


The world’s finest illuminated dot

The secret behind the precision of ZEISS riflescopes is their ultra-fine illuminated dot and its extremely low target coverage. With only a fraction of the thickness of a human hair, the fibre optics system delivers the world’s finest illuminated dot – 3.3-millimetre target coverage at 100 metres is the breathtaking result (V8 & V6 @20x). Pure precision for the smallest targets and the greatest distances.

Brilliant image quality

The Ultra-FL Concept contains several SCHOTT fluoride glass elements for absolute color fidelity, brightness, and clarity. Ensuring you the finest resolution of details, even in the harshest conditions and most challenging environment. 

Stable and Shot-Proof

The ZEISS V8, ZEISS Victory HT, ZEISS Conquest V6, and ZEISS Conquest V4 riflescopes are all ideally suited for use with "clip-on" attachments.

Join Paul Childerley

for a day out stalking with the V8

Paul Childerley is an experienced game keeper, pro stalker and the founder of Childerley Sporting. Paul has been managing the Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer population in Bedfordshire since 1998, increasing the quality along the way.

Paul is also a regular contributor for Sporting Rifle Magazine and part of the team at Field Sports TV. Learn more about Paul here

WIN a day out stalking with Paul - If you're attending the Great British Shooting Show (18th-20th February at Birmingham NEC), then make sure you visit our stand for the chance to enter the prize draw!

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Models Available

for all distances and situations

Whatever your hunting venture, the ZEISS V8 enables fast reactions and maximum flexibility. Designed to ensure maximum hunting success. Learn more about your chosen model by clicking below:

Reticle 54 Illuminated

The driven hunt reticle 54 is another special reticle from ZEISS. This enhanced version of the reticle 0 is designed for fast and reliable shots with minimal target subtension. In addition to the fine horizontal bar, it features crosshairs containing the ultra-fine illuminated dot. The horizontal bar is used for height correction when following a target and protects against weapon tilting. The crosshairs allow you to quickly shoulder your rifle and aim at the target, even without an illuminated dot. One look at the subtension reveals just how fine the illuminated dot is – at 12x magnification, only 0.55 cm is covered at a distance of 100 m. This is the finest and brightest illuminated dot in the world, a real benchmark. The reticle is located in the riflescope’s second image plane.

Not all models and reticles are guaranteed to be available in every country!


Not all models and reticles are guaranteed to be available in every country!

Reticle 43 Illuminated

Our classic reticle for fast, long shots combined with the finest illuminated dot. At the respective riflescope’s reference magnification, the reticle’s characteristic dots are exactly 10 cm apart at a distance of 100 m, making it easy to accurately estimate distances. The angle between the dots at this magnification is exactly 1 millirad, allowing trained shooters to quickly determine the appropriate holdover point at long distances. The reticle is located in the riflescope’s second image plane. The ZEISS Hunting app can be used to quickly and precisely determine the change in subtension and the resulting bullet drop compensation and wind drift correction values for practically any ammunition.

Not all models and reticles are guaranteed to be available in every country!


Not all models and reticles are guaranteed to be available in every country!

Reticle 60 Illuminated

The reticle 60 is lighter and finer than the reticle 40, which was widely used only a few years ago. The bars have only half the subtension of the earlier model and there is twice the amount of free space between them. It is therefore ideally suited for precise shooting with the least possible coverage of the target game. With 12x magnification and a subtension of only 0.55 cm at a distance of 100 m, you always have an excellent overview – no fine details are hidden from view. The illuminated dot is extremely bright and can therefore also be used for daytime hunting. The brightness of the illuminated dot can be dimmed at extremely finely, making it ideal for night hunting as well. The reticle is located in the riflescope’s second image plane.

Not all models and reticles are guaranteed to be available in every country!


Not all models and reticles are guaranteed to be available in every country!

Confidence in toughest conditions.


Precision in the face of stress

When you’re out hunting, the optics are exposed to extreme forces whenever shots are fired with the variety of different calibres and weapons often fall over - ZEISS optics confidently brave all this and more during every hunting trip*.

*A test shot is recommended after unintentional blows or shocks to the target optics.

Shock test with up to 1,500 times g-force

1,500 g corresponds to the shooting load of the .460 Weatherby Magnum calibre.


Washed with all waters

Hours of waiting in the unrelenting pouring rain when out driven hunting, or the necessary cleaning of the optics with a water bottle – ZEISS hunting optics are built to be used and remain waterproof even when things get rough.

Waterproofing immersion test

Our tests simulate continuous rain and complete immersion of the optics in water, ensuring that all ZEISS optics are fully waterproof.

Continuous shocks

Tenaciously mobile

Driving along bumpy forest and country lanes with the gun in the boot or navigating rough terrain on foot – bumps and shocks are a normal part of hunting. So it’s all the better if the optics are prepared*

*A test shot is recommended after unintentional blows or shocks to the target optics.

Continuous shocks for 90 minutes

Even after one and a half hours of continuous vibration in different directions, the group of the optics remains unchanged.


From the Sahara to the Arctic

From the heat of the hut to the bitter cold of the outdoors, or hours in the blazing sun – ZEISS hunting optics operate reliably in extreme climatic conditions.

Temperature shock

Deep freezing to -40°C and temperature shocks from -25° to 50°C in under 5 minutes. In the climatic chamber, ZEISS optics are tested to the material's limits.


Hard shell, hard core

When you go hunting, your optics are often exposed to aggressive liquids such as hand sweat and cosmetics. But thanks to a high-quality seal, these don’t stand a chance against ZEISS optics.

24 hours in salt spray

Side by side with metal test strips, ZEISS optics were stored in an aggressive salt water spray for 24 hours. While the test strips were covered in rust, the optics were entirely unfazed.

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