ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife lenses

Simply our best all-day lenses.
For busy eyes. For a digital life.

A young woman in a skatepark wearing ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife lenses.
  • Do you check your smartphone a lot while you’re on the go?
  • Do you want sharp vision up to the edges of your lenses?
  • What about tailor-made glasses adapted to how YOU see?

Experience ZEISS innovation.

Based on extensive scientific research, ZEISS SmartLife lenses are designed for your eyes, age and on-the-move, connected lifestyle. They’re packed with technology for those who want exceptional optics – customised to the individual.

The point of view of someone walking through an illustrated city with a smartphone appearing.

On the go

The point of view of someone walking through an illustrated city with a smartphone appearing.

and online all at the same time?

Let your eyes keep up.

ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife lenses with Smart Dynamic Optics make it easy for your eyes to switch between the screen and real life, from near to far. Enjoy crisp vision at all distances – even when you’re on the go.

Broaden your perspective.

Standard single vision lenses help people see clearly – but mostly through the centre of the lens. This isn't ideal for how we use our eyes in today's connected, on-the-move world. We need good peripheral vision.1 ZEISS SmartView technology calculates your lens design for sharp vision in any direction – all the way to the edges.

Heavy on tech. Light as a feather.

An illustrated lens falling down like a feather

Thankfully, technology doesn’t weigh a thing. In fact, ours makes your lenses even thinner and lighter. Thanks to Clear Optics and Thin Optics, we’re sure you'll feel good and look great in your SmartLife lenses – whatever your prescription.

Made for
HOW you see.

Made for
HOW you see.

Animated Illustration of person moving her eyes and head, looking through different parts of her SmartLife glasses at smartphone and different distances in a 3D object space model, followed by hundreds of data light points forming the number 12.5

We studied how people move their heads and eyes, and where they look through their lenses

  • online

  • offline

  • at all distances

  • all day

ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology uses these findings and adapted state-of-the-art 3D object-space models to enhance your vision.

12.5 million data points.

We can combine this massive amount of information about age-related visual behaviour with your personal, anatomical and physiological data thanks to ZEISS Intelligence Augmented Design technology.2 This makes our Single Vision SmartLife® Individual 3 the most uniquely YOU lenses by ZEISS.

The results.

  • 88%

    Up to 88% larger clear fields of view compared to ZEISS single vision spherical and aspherical lenses.

  • 94%

    94% of wearers perceive wide fields of comfortable vision for intermediate and near tasks.3

  • 98%

    98% of wearers would recommend ZEISS SmartLife Individual 3 lenses to their friends and family.4

See the difference.

Experience how ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife lenses compare to conventional single vision lenses.

Smart  vision for  Life

Smart vision for Life.

As you get older, your eyes continue to change. So do the ways you use them.​ Our entire SmartLife portfolio includes Age Intelligence – for lens optics adapted to each stage of life.

Morphing of a kid's face into a teenager into an adult.
  • ZEISS SmartLife YOUNG

Let’s recap.

Make them even smarter.

Lens ingredients to complete your SmartLife lenses.

You’ve chosen a great lens design, but you need to make a few more choices. These factors are worth considering before you buy your next pair.

Your eyes

ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife has one optical prescription to correct either near or distance vision. Your optician should confirm if this is the right lens type for you.

Your lifestyle

Beyond your prescription, SmartLife® is designed for HOW you use your eyes while you’re connected and on the move. With intelligence augmentation (IA) we can personalise it even more – just ask your optician for ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife Individual.

Your face & frame

Your lenses can be fine-tuned to fit the anatomy of your face. This is made possible with ZEISS FaceFit technology and some measurements taken by your eye care professional.

Eye protection

Full UV protection is a given in all SmartLife lenses. You can also add ZEISS BlueGuard for blue light protection or PhotoFusion X – for sunnies and eyeglasses all-in-one. Both are great options for a busy, screen-filled life.

Thickness & weight

All ZEISS SmartLife lenses are designed to be thin and flat. You also have a choice of lens material and index – it can influence how you look and feel with your new pair of glasses.

Durability & care

A ZEISS DuraVision lens coating of your choice will reinforce your glasses, make them easy to clean and more. Add the features that are important to you.

Any questions?

  • This lens is usually ideal for people in their 20s but will benefit anyone who has issues seeing either near (hyperopic) OR far (myopic). Our ZEISS SmartLife portfolio has great options for children and older lens wearers as well.

  • The magic of a lens lies in its design. Unlike most single vision lenses sold worldwide, ZEISS SmartLife lenses have a freeform design. It means that many aspects of the lens optics can be customised to the individual wearer, which can result in better vision through a larger area of the lens. Based on scientific research on people’s visual behaviour, these lenses are also optimised to perfectly suit our connected, on-the-move lifestyle, and support busy eyes that need to constantly switch their focus.

  • We definitely think so. While ready-made readers are an affordable and convenient choice, they are not made specifically for you. ZEISS SmartLife reading glasses can be customised for your preferred reading distances – for natural, comfortable vision close up.

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