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Wearing glasses in the summer

10 tips for enjoying your glasses this summer

16 October 2019
  • Wearing glasses in the summer

Sunglasses and summer: these go hand in hand. Poor, uncomfortable vision or annoying glasses: that's no fun. Our BETTER VISION tips will help you enjoy wearing your glasses this summer.

Stylish sunglasses


What good are stylish sunglasses if you aren't enjoying comfortable vision? We think that prescription sunglass lenses are a must-have this summer. Many opticians offer great deals on a second pair of glasses – including ZEISS tinted sunglass lenses with with one of four trendy DuraVision®  Mirror coatings. When purchasing sunglasses, make sure that the glasses are a good match for your face and are fitted perfectly.

Sunglasses off, glasses on...


Glasses off, sunglasses on, sunglasses off, glasses on... what to do with that second pair of glasses? Constantly changing your glasses can be a real drag in the summer. That's why we recommend one pair for everything, including 100% UV protection: glasses with modern self-tinting lenses are ideal all year round. Modern colours and rapid-action technology also make these glasses a real pleasure to wear.

Lightweight plastic lenses


Summer's the time to relax. Light clothes, light food and light drinks: heavy lenses just don't belong. Lightweight plastic lenses are as cool as a glass of champagne.

Clothes and glasses that are as light as a feather


Clothes and glasses that are as light as a feather – that's the winning combination for relaxing summer afternoons with family and friends. Try these out at your optician: rimless, titanium, lightweight plastic or frames with flex technology. The sky's the limit.

Glasses that slide down your face


No one likes to perspire on hot, humid summer days. Glasses that slide down your face, fog up or pinch your nose can stress you out. Visit your optician and make sure you have your glasses refitted!

Curved sports eyewear


The sun is shining! Put on your sneakers, jump on your bike, work those muscles and feel the burn! But make sure you're wearing shatter-proof sports eyewear and have optimum vision. For all you spectacle wearers with a high prescription power: there are lens solutions for curved sports eyewear that offer clear vision – even in the peripheral zones. And don't forget: a headband or certain sports helmets can keep your eyes dry from perspiration droplets.

A first-class coating for hard, easy-to-clean and dirt-resistant sunglass lenses


You're a bit less careful with your sunglasses. You put them in your bag without a case, tuck them into your shirt or casually put them on top of your head. All of these actions can potentially damage the lens coating. Small scratches on the lens can be extremely annoying in the sun. A first-class coating for hard, easy-to-clean and dirt-resistant sunglass lenses ensures that your sunglasses will provide you with clear vision for a long time to come.

Cleaning glasses


A moist cleaning cloth should be your first choice if there you have watermarks, hair spray residue or a kiss from your puppy on your lens. Make sure that you're using cloths which are made specially for cleaning glasses – e.g. those from ZEISS. Your spectacle lenses will thank you.

Progressive Lenses available for sunglasses


Did you know that progressive lenses are also available for sunglasses? A special ZEISS technology ensures that you can lower your eyes for near vision in precisely the same way you do with your traditional spectacles.

Contact lenses


There are also contact lenses available with UV protection, but make sure you still wear your sunglasses because contact lenses only cover part of the cornea!

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