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Preventing wrinkles

Don’t forget your sunglasses!

16 October 2020
  • Preventing Wrinkles

What do you look for in a weather beaten seafarer? Of course, we all know it – the deep wrinkles around the eyes will give him away. He refuses to wear sunglasses as he stands on deck for hours while the sun beats down. If you do not want to be like him, it’s best to protect your eyes from excessive sun exposure or you might end up with crow’s feet, too.

Sunbathing is certainly one of the most relaxing and enjoyable past times. It is good for the mind, body and the spirit. The sun has soothing properties and will give you a nice tan.

However, whenever you head out into the sun, you should protect especially your eyes and wear sunglasses. If you expose your face to the sun’s rays without protection, and in particular intense UV rays, you will not only risk being sun burned, but also causing damage to your retina and getting wrinkles. Many people forget to use sunscreens in the eye area.

Too much sun dries out the thin and sensitive skin around the eyes, causing it to become thinner. At first, you will see small crow’s feet appear. As time passes, these turn into deeper and deeper wrinkles. The natural protective reflexes of eyes that are exposed to light that is too bright, causes people to squint and fosters the development of wrinkles. Good sunglasses provide easy and instant protection.

Take advantage of this perfect prophylaxis and choose from the wide array of fashionable sunglasses with UV protection lenses available at your optometrist. Your eyes and your skin will thank you forever.

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