ZEISS Lenses with AntiVirus Coating

Kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.1

Viruses can survive a long time

Some viruses remain viable on surfaces for anything from several hours to several days, while others can even remain infectious for 2 months or longer. Viral pathogens usually survive longer on non-porous materials (like plastic surfaces) than on porous materials like textiles.4

The virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) can also survive on surfaces over time. A recent study suggests that the virus can remain viable and infectious up to 72 hours on stainless steel and plastic.2

ZEISS Lenses with AntiVirus Coating offer:

ZEISS DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum is a premium anti-reflective lens coating

Better spectacle lens hygiene

DuraVision® AntiVirus Platinum is an antiviral and antibacterial coating that actively fights and kills 99.9% of potentially harmful viruses and bacteria on the surface of the lens1, helping to improve spectacle lens hygiene.

ZEISS AntiVirus Lenses provide full UV protection up to 400 nm.

More protection

ZEISS lenses with antiviral and antibacterial coating also provide full UV protection up to 400 nm, even in clear lenses.4

Good-looking. Tough. Easy to clean.

For those who want anti-smudge glasses, these lenses offer all the benefits of our most premium lens coating – ZEISS DuraVision Platinum. The coating is designed to feature low reflectance and the less visible blue residual reflex ZEISS is famous for. These lenses are also optimised for high scratch resistance and are easy to clean.

What is the technology behind ZEISS AntiVirus Coatings?

We’ve developed technology that transfers antimicrobial silver into an anti-reflective coating layer that can be applied to the surface of a spectacle lens:

Use of silver as antimicrobial agent

Silver is well established in science as a long-lasting antimicrobial (antiviral and antibacterial) agent. ZEISS developed technology to incorporate this proven approach as another feature of the premium anti-reflective coating so that viruses and bacteria that land on the lens surface are killed and inactivated.

Vacuum deposition and material science

Through a special vacuum coating process, silver is deposited on the surface of the lens at high temperatures. ZEISS DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV contains embedded antimicrobial silver within the coating structure. The silver within the coating releases silver ions (Ag+). These silver ions (Ag+) deliver proven antiviral and antibacterial interaction on the lens surface.

This product is tested and proven in compliance with the established ISO standards for antiviral or antibacterial testing by external laboratories and institutes located in China, Germany and Canada.

Did you know?

Bacteria and viruses are found on high-touch items, including spectacles. Your lenses can be easily contaminated through direct contact and droplet spread:

Several days or more

how long some viruses can remain viable on surfaces.2

72 hours

how long the virus that causes COVID-19 can remain viable and infectious on plastic.3

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