Single vision lenses – the most widely used spectacle lenses.

NOW: Full UV protection in all clear ZEISS lenses

Enjoy perfect vision when carrying out near viewing tasks or when looking into the distance. ZEISS single vision lenses are the best solution for short-sighted and long-sighted wearers. These lenses are fitted to the particular wearer and are optimised for good vision even in the periphery of the lens. Moreover, they're thin and aesthetically appealing for the wearer.

My Vision Profile

Single vision lenses from ZEISS.

Experience excellent wearing comfort.

Perfect for your first pair of glasses, glasses for children or standard everyday glasses: ZEISS single vision lenses are used for both distance vision and reading – the two most common reasons people wear glasses. What's the difference? With reading glasses, the single vision lenses are optimised for vision in the near zone and personally fitted to the long-sighted reader's standard reading distance. These lenses are great not only for books, but also for reading smaller font sizes on a smartphone or tablet. Long-sighted wearers usually have blurry vision in the near zone and sometimes when looking into the distance. Long-sightedness results from an image being focused behind the retina, resulting in a blurry image. With short-sightedness, however, objects in the distance appear blurry because the short-sighted eye focuses images in front of the retina rather than on it. An optimally fitted pair of distance lenses can help you see clearly when looking at objects which are far away.

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A short adaptation period, superb visual clarity. You'll hardly notice you're wearing these glasses at all.

ZEISS single vision lenses can be fitted by an optician to perfectly accommodate the wearer's vision needs and reading habits.

Uncompromisingly precise – no matter if they're reading or distance lenses, guaranteeing excellent wearer tolerance and a quick adaptation period.

Optimised for good vision, even in the peripheral zone.

Enjoy crystal clear vision.

Available in 4 different performance design levels, the design of your ZEISS single vision lenses can be optimized for your eyes and adjusted in your chosen frame to fit the shape of your face. This ensures extraordinary visual quality because bothersome blurring or distortions in the peripheral zone are prevented.

Optimised for good vision, even in the peripheral zone. Enjoy crystal clear vision.

Standard design

Optimised for good vision, even in the peripheral zone.

Enjoy crystal clear vision.

ZEISS single vision lenses can be fitted to the wearer's unique visual behaviour with different performance design levels to match their requirements, even if a higher prescription is required or other visual impairments must be accommodated (e.g. astigmatism or associated heterophoria). This ensures extraordinary visual quality because bothersome blurring or distortions in the peripheral zone are prevented.

Optimised for good vision, even in the peripheral zone. Enjoy crystal clear vision.

Individual design

Ultra-thin and super light. Less weight, greater wearer comfort.

No matter if they're made of plastic or glass: cutting-edge production methods enable the manufacture of incredibly thin, light lenses, even with a high prescription and special visual impairments. You'll barely notice you're wearing these lightweight champions at all.

Full UV protection in clear ZEISS lenses.
All day. Every day.

UV is always around. Even on cloudy days. UV radiation represents a health risk for your eyes but as also to the eye surroundings. Do you always protect your eyes when you are outdoors? Now all clear lenses from ZEISS come with full UV protection!

The special properties of the lens filter out harmful UV rays and provide your eyes with lasting protection.  

A flat lens design without the 'fisheye effect' – for a natural look.

With a high prescription or special visual impairment, ZEISS single vision lenses can be produced which are aesthetically appealing and exceptionally flat. Visible curvatures in the lens – the cause of the typical magnifying or 'fisheye effect' – are avoided completely or at least reduced to a minimum. This way the wearer's eyes retain a natural look, appearing neither enlarged or shrunk.

Enjoy optimum vision at night, sharper contrasts and more vibrant colours.

When manufacturing ZEISS single vision lenses, the wearer's eyes are measured using leading-edge computer technology. The result: a perfect image – as unique as a fingerprint – which accommodates visual impairments which might not be identified with a basic vision test. This abundance of information makes it possible to produce a lens design precisely tailored to the individual wearer: for better vision at night and in poor light, increased contrast vision and more intensive colour perception.

Your single visions lenses – featuring UV protection and a tint.

For the most beautiful days of the year.

Every pair of glasses can be transformed into a pair of sunglasses of your choice, featuring perfect UV protection and providing you with optimum vision in one lens. And these lenses come with everything you'd expect: improved contrast perception, less glare and an anti-reflective coating. It's nice not to compromise.

Self-tinting lenses. The lenses with integrated sun protection. Stylish and practical.

A pair of glasses for every situation: these self-tinting lenses also work as sunglasses. They darken in seconds and clear up in just a few minutes. And of course they feature 100% UV protection.

Additional visual comfort in artificial light. Counteract eye fatigue and visual stress.

No matter if it's a smartphone, an LED lamp, a monitor, TV, tablet or an e-reader: modern light sources emit more blue light than we've ever experienced before. Blue light may be dangerous, and many people find it unpleasant and stressful for their eyes. It also adversely impacts our biorhythms. A special blue light filter in the spectacle lens can provide you with more comfortable vision.

Scratches and dirt don't stand a chance. More robust than ever.

High-performance lens coatings make your glasses extremely durable against scratches or adhesive dirt. The benefit: your lenses remain dirt-free for longer, making them significantly easier to clean. See better, look better – thanks in part to the latest anti-reflective coating.

5 tips for distance lenses and reading lenses.


1. Good vision fundamentally affects how we see the world around us. The earlier your optician checks and corrects your vision, the better. What are the benefits? You'll avoid a sudden significant increase in your prescription, it will be easier for you to adjust to your glasses and you'll enjoy a significantly better quality of life.

5 tips for distance lenses and reading lenses.

extensive analysis of your visual needs

2. It is imperative that your optician discusses lenses and frames with you, performs an extensive analysis of your visual needs and takes the time for perfect centration – this is the only you to utilise the full potential of your lenses.

5 tips for distance lenses and reading lenses.

Visual impairments are often the cause of frequent headaches.

3. Visual impairments are often the cause of frequent headaches. That's why you should have your eyes tested every two years.

5 tips for distance lenses and reading lenses.

Wear your new glasses regularly

4. Wear your new glasses regularly – starting as soon as you get them. This way you can adjust to them as quickly as possible. If after 14 days you still don't feel comfortable wearing your new glasses, you should visit your optician. They can help you.

5 tips for distance lenses and reading lenses.

You glasses only work optimally when they sit perfectly on your nose.

5. You should have wrapped lenses adjusted at your optician. You glasses only work optimally when they sit perfectly on your nose. A visit to your optician is also required if the lenses are scratched or the coating is damaged: your lenses should be replaced as quickly as possible.

For professional cleaning and gentle lens care. Useful extras.

ZEISS Lens cleaning solutions

Protective and effective: gentle care for the lens and coating. As a cleaning spray or cloth, these solutions are also ideal for a computer monitor, smartphone or tablet. A small added comfort for clear vision: with a special care spray your lenses stay fog-free for up to 72 hours.

Here are the details

More relaxed, safer driving. Comfortable vision at work. Our special progressive solutions.

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

Progressive lenses optimised for driving reduce the risk of an accident and improve visual comfort at the same time, making it easier to focus when you move your eyes (e.g. between the street and the dashboard). A pair of progressive glasses can also be fitted to meet the demands placed on your eyes at work, turning your second pair of glasses into your favourite co-worker.

Learn more about DriveSafe lenses

Are you an avid user of digital devices?

ZEISS Digital Lenses

Using digital devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, changes our visual behaviour: our eyes have to switch focus repeatedly between near and far. These rapid movements can overstress our eyes and cause e.g. visual impairments, headaches as well as tired or burning eyes. Spectacle wearers between the ages of 35 and 40 benefit from a lens design with special visual support in the near zone, ensuring comfortable vision even when constantly shifting focus.

Digital Lenses: learn more about comfortable vision.

My Vision Profile by ZEISS simply shows you with what challenges your eyes are confronted in modern life. In the end you will receive a recommendation - free of charge and without obligation - of what ZEISS lens solution is the right one for you.

My Vision Profile

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Glasses serve a simple purpose: to help the wearer enjoy the best-possible vision. Yet in practice this is a major technological feat requiring both great expertise and an optician who takes sufficient time for their patients. Only comprehensive knowhow and a thorough consultation ensure an individualised solution that will satisfy you for many years to come. Find an optician near you ...

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