Magnifying visual devices from ZEISS.

See things that used to be hidden.

If you want to enjoy the best-possible vision, sometimes a pair of glasses simply isn't enough. Magnifying visual devices offer additional support: from magnifiers for everyday life all the way to special solutions for anyone suffering from a severe visual impairment – or low vision, as it is also called – and for professional applications.

Magnifying visual devices from ZEISS. Enjoy optimum vision with tailor-made solutions for day-to-day life, your hobby or job.

Magnifying visual devices from ZEISS help you achieve the best-possible vision. They are precisely fitted to your eyes, suitable for your particular application and are comfortable and easy to use. They also feature excellent image quality while still offering a maximum field of view. In addition to products for everyday applications, our comprehensive assortment also includes magnifying visual devices which meet the special requirements of low-vision patients as well as solutions for professional users such as doctors and technicians.

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Magnifiers: the classic solution amongst magnifying visual devices.

Optimum visual performance for every purpose.

ZEISS magnifying visual devices are available in different versions: as hand-held magnifiers, head-worn loupes or as pocket magnifiers for convenient use when you're on the go or for special applications. The same rule for glasses applies to magnifiers: they must be fitted to the particular user and matched to the intended application to ensure the best-possible performance. Ask your eye care professional.

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For people with a severe visual impairment.

Individually optimised visual devices for greater flexibility and quality of life.

Optimum support in diverse situations while being perfectly matched to your particular needs and visual requirements: the comprehensive assortment of ZEISS magnifying visual devices for low-vision patients offers many different individualised options and solution, i.e. magnifying bifocals, telescopic spectacles, monocular hand-held telescopes or filter spectacle lenses for people who are particularly sensitive to scattered light or glare because of a retinal disease. Your eye care professional will be happy to discuss the different possibilities with you.

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Enjoy superb visual clarity – even for the smallest details.

Magnifying visual devices for professionals.

For those activities where precise vision plays a decisive role: our large selection of ZEISS teleloupe spectacles and head-worn loupes offers a suitable solution for almost every professional area of application. Available with or without illumination, these special visual devices are fitted to accommodate your particular visual profile and workplace. Along with a comfortable, large visual field, the wearer is able to identify even minuscule details.

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5 Tips on Magnifying Visual Devices

contact your eye care professional immediately

1. If you've started having trouble with your vision, contact your eye care professional immediately. The earlier vision problems or eye diseases are diagnosed, the better your doctor will be able to help you. Typical symptoms include difficulty reading small print, reduced visual acuity, defective colour vision, sensitivity to glare, blurred vision or, more generally, severely limited vision.

5 Tips on Magnifying Visual Devices

Cleaning your contact lenses daily is an absolute must!

2. The right visual device for you depends on the severity of the visual impairment. These can be prescribed by your ophthalmologist or fitted by your eye care professional. No matter your needs, the important thing is that the visual aid is individually fitted to the particular wearer. This is the only way to achieve optimum visual performance and good image quality with a maximum visual field.

5 Tips on Magnifying Visual Devices

Look at an object 20 metres away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes to relax your eyes.

3. Our eyes are typically used to always focusing on the same point in the distance. The result: it's as if you were continuously tensing a particular muscle for a long period of time. Following the '20-20-20 rule' can help give your eyes a break: look at an object 20 metres away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes to relax your eyes.

5 Tips on Magnifying Visual Devices

4. Remember: severe visual impairments can have very different symptoms, and it's not always easy to recognise them immediately or gauge them properly.


5 Tips on Magnifying Visual Devices

Make sure you also take care of your magnifying visual device.

5. Make sure you also take care of your magnifying visual device. Only use suitable cleaning agents – rather than your sleeve or a tissue – to clean your magnifying visual device. And don't forget: proper lens care increases the longevity and performance of your magnifying visual devices, ensuring better vision.

Lens Cleaning Products

Protective and effective: gentle care for the lens and coating. As a cleaning spray or cloth, these solutions are also ideal for a computer monitor, smartphone or tablet. A small added comfort for clear vision: with a special care spray, your lenses stay fog-free for up to 72 hours.

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Our wide selection of progressive lens designs enables your optician to produce a pair of progressive glasses optimised for your particular vision needs and featuring legendary ZEISS quality. Cutting-edge computer technology assists in measuring visual performance and fitting the lenses to your frames. The near, intermediate and distance zones are all incorporated into one lens with smooth transitions. These lenses are tailor-made for your facial shape, your lifestyle, your career and your visual habits. Individual and one-of-a kind – just like you.

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Progressive Lenses

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The job of a magnifying visual device sounds simple: to help the wearer enjoy the best-possible vision. Yet in practice this is a major technological feat requiring both great expertise and an optician who takes sufficient time for their patients. Only comprehensive knowhow and a thorough consultation ensure an individualised solution that will satisfy you for many years to come. Find an optician near you ...

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