ZEISS magnifying visual devices for professional users

Ergonomics in focus for the best possible visual outcome

A large number of activities, e.g. in medicine, require extremely high precision. Often even a few fractions of a millimeter can decide between success and failure. Particularly in dentistry and surgery, users value the benefits of magnifying optical systems while performing precise work with greater ease.


Teleloupe Spectacles

Teleloupe Spectacles

ZEISS teleloupe spectacles combine optimal optical and technical features with maximum individuality and outstanding wearing comfort. They are precisely adapted to each wearer's personal needs: ametropia individual parameters magnification and working distance are taken into account in every system.
Head-worn Loupes KF / KS

Head-worn loupes

Head-worn loupes with binocular Keplertype teleloupe optics are particularly suitable for users who require extremely high image quality and magnification. The optics are available in a broad spectrum of magnifications and working distances so that every user can select loupes tailored specifically to his or her requirements.

Saphiro² LED Illumination

Saphiro² is a mobile, high-performance LED illumination system that can be used in combination with ZEISS teleloupe spectacles and head-worn loupes. The field of view is evenly illuminated without shadows. This makes it considerably easier to perform many visual tasks where exact detail recognition is an absolute must.
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Successful fitting in 3 simple steps

Precise vision and precise work go hand in hand. As a specialist for good vision, you match the functionality of the visual device to the personal requirements of the user.

// 1

Test visual acuity and correct any ametropia

Determine required lenses

// 2

Determine workplace situation

Determine work position, working distance and magnification need

// 3

Selecting the magnifying device

Demonstration of magnification and imaging properties

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