ZEISS Self-tinting Lenses

Offering your customers powerful self-tinting lenses for performance and convenience.

Lenses that adapt to varying light conditions. Wearers benefit from full UV protection and tinting to suit the changing environment they find themselves in throughout their day. Switching glasses is a thing of the past.

Speed and convenience

Comfortable vision

UV and blue light protection

Outstanding Self-tinting Lenses that work for you and your customers.

2 Options available.

Lenses changing from clear-to-dark

ZEISS PhotoFusion Lenses adapt quickly to changing light conditons. They darken very fast and fade back to clear up to 2 times faster than other photochromic lenses from ZEISS.

  • ZEISS PhotoFusion Lenses

Lenses changing from dark-to-darker

ZEISS AdaptiveSun is a smart sunglass lens solution that allows lenses to turn from dark to darker fast and stay colour consistent. This way you can ensure convenient, clear and comfortable vision.

  • ZEISS AdaptiveSun
  • ZEISS AdaptiveSun Polarised

ZEISS PhotoFusion: Great clarity indoors and outdoors.

Switching glasses is now a thing of the past. PhotoFusion Lenses by ZEISS adapt quickly to changing light conditons for clear to dark, depending on the amount of UV present. Always providing UV protection, glare reduction and comfortable vision.

They darken very fast and fade back to clear up to 2 times faster than other photochromic lenses from ZEISS*.

  • Lenses darken to 16 % T in 15–30 seconds*.
  • Lenses fade back to 70 % T in 3-8 minutes*.
  • Clear state: 93% T*.
  • Dark state: 11% T*.

*Average performance for ZEISS PhotoFusion self-tinting lenses compared to other photochromic lenses by ZEISS. Performance will vary according to material, temperature and light conditions.

ZEISS AdaptiveSun: Smart sunglass lenses for a convenient, fashionable lifestyle.

Sunglasses provide UV protection, glare reduction and comfortable vision. Even when wearing them we often struggle to see clearly because of constantly changing light conditions. The lenses can either become too dark in shady areas or too light in bright sunlight. We then tend to take them off, leaving our eyes unprotected.

ZEISS AdaptiveSun Solutions are sun lenses designed to automatically adjust their colour intensity of sunglasses depending on UV exposure, maintaining full UV and glare protection at all times.

Customer satisfaction with Self-tinting Lenses by ZEISS proven.

95% of opticians evaluate the performance of PhotoFusion as equal or better than other self-tinting lenses.1

88% of opticians are very satisfied / satisfied with ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses.1

79% top sellers say that they experience greater patient satisfaction with ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses.1

9 out of 10 consumers rate the vision quality of ZEISS PhotoFusion as very good.2

4 out of 5 consumers are very satisfied/satisfied with ZEISS PhotoFusion.2

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  • 1 External consumer study, Germany, November 2012.
  • 2 External study with opticians, US, January 2013.