ZEISS Polarised Lenses

Special sun solutions addressing the visual challenges of your customers.

When it comes to light reflections – especially on wet or shiny surfaces, the visual performance of prescribed lenses can be significantly affected. You can either miss out on important visual detail, or have comfortable, clear vision.

All ZEISS sun solution lenses provide full UV protection.

Protection against UV radiation

Provide clearer vision with less perceived glare

Over 99% polarisation efficiency

The ideal solution to uncomfortable glare

that offers increased visibility and more contrast.

Polarised lens solutions

Whether you’re a snow sports enthusiast, water sports junkie, or you simply enjoy spending time outdoors – polarised sunglasses can significantly reduce reflections and perceived glare, to improve your entire visual experience.

  • ZEISS Polarised Lenses
  • ZEISS SkyPol Lenses

Glare: negatively impacting our vision.

Glare reflected off transparent or wet surfaces is not only annoying and distracting – it can also affect your vision.

  • Natural light travels in all directions, so it’s described as “unpolarised”. On a regular (unpolarised) surface light rays have a tendency to reflect in various directions, resulting in perceived glare. Polarised lenses however, ensure reflected light rays are directed in a single direction, usually the horizontal direction.
  • As a result, distracting and potentially dangerous reflections are eliminated by polarised lenses and improves the overall quality of vision perceived by the spectacle wearer.


Polarised sunglasses: Comfortable vision without distracting glare.

ZEISS Polarised lenses consist of various special layers with horizontally aligned molecules to form a dense grid. This greatly reduces glare and allows the wearer to experience the full brilliance and vibrancy of the colours.

It also offers maximum protection against potentially harmful UV light.


SkyPol combines a polarisation filter with contrast enhancing Skylet® tinting (Skylet® Fun, Skylet® Road and Skylet® Sport) for a unique visual experience in challenging light conditions.

Key benefits for the wearer

  • Polarisation filter against irritating reflections
  • Complete protection from glare
  • Full UV protection
  • Light and comfortable to wear

Innovation behind ZEISS Sun Lenses

Technologies explained.


Technology reduces the edge thickness in minus/high-precription lenses by up to 30%.


Polarisation filter with contrast enhancing Skylet® tinting

UVProtectTM Technology

A higher level of UV protection, which enables clear ZEISS lenses to block harmful UV rays up to 400 nm. This is the same standard as UV protection premium sunglasses provide.

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