ZEISS Urban Sun Lenses

Sunlenses that keep up with your today’s customers' fashion trends.

Offers excellent vision and reliable UV protection for every taste, look and occasion. And for those who want convenience, there are ZEISS PhotoFusion and AdaptiveSun self-tinting lenses.

Trendy mirror effect for the tinted lenses of your choice

Unimpaired vision with anti-reflective back surface coating

Easy cleaning thanks to DuraVision® coating by ZEISS

A modern collection of tints

to address any style and need.

Extensive selection of modern tints available

The ultimate solution for the city. Looks and individual style are the attributes of the ZEISS Urban segment, dedicated to all the cosmopolitan sunglass wearers, suitable for all seasons and light intensity levels. For those who want style, convenience and premium UV protection.

Sun lens options available in the Urban collection:

  • More than 50 tint colours
  • DuraVision® Mirror UV reflex coatings
  • DuraVision® Flash UV reflex coatings
  • ZEISS AdaptiveSun
  • ZEISS PhotoFusion

Market research revealed:

Consumer needs and use of sunglasses show 3 major trends.

87 %

of consumers use sunglasses for casual events, formal occasions and to look fashionable.1

45 %

of sunglass wearers also wear sunglasses for driving.1

79 %

of consumers wear sunglasses for outdoor activities.1

ZEISS Urban: Where fashion meets function.

Spectacles are a fashion accessory that highlights the wearer's personal style. Enjoying optimum vision while looking good is what every wearer ultimately wants. Always full UV protection.

  • Cosmetic solid tints for indoors.
  • Light (solid, gradient and double-gradient) tints for the city.
  • Fashion tint colours for a unique style.
  • Tint-to-sample.
  • Solid and gradient colours for medium to bright light. 
  • 8 Mirror coatings colours and 5 DuraVision Flash colours.
  • PhotoFusion - clear self-tinting lenses
  • Adaptive Sun - smart sunglass lenses

ZEISS tinted prescription lens collection.

A comprehensive portfolio, always offering high quality lens solutions, tailored to the wearers needs. All tinted lens solutions specially support the wearer’s visual demands ensuring to meet the correct light intensity and needs of that particular situation.

ZEISS DuraVision Mirror

The front-surface coating in 8 intense mirror colours.

Can be applied to the front of the lens for the latest fashion statement or to further customise the tinted lenses. All tinted lenses with ZEISS DuraVision Mirrors come standard with DuraVision Sun UV anti-reflection on the back surface for uncompromised clarity, durability and easy care.

Available colours:

  • DuraraVision® Mirror White
  • DuraVision® Mirror Bronze
  • DuraVision® Mirror Blue
  • DuraVision® Mirror Gold
  • DuraVision® Mirror Strong Blue
  • DuraVision® Mirror Red
  • DuraVision® Mirror Green
  • DuraVision® Mirror Silver

ZEISS DuraVision Flash

Front surface coating in 5 Subtle, pearly reflex colours.

For a more trendy, fashionable look and protection of prescription sunglasses. Due to their low residual reflex (< 10% on average) this feature can be combined with other ZEISS products without changing the wearer’s colour perception and the base lens’ driving suitability.

Available colours:

  • DuraVision® Flash Diamond
  • DuraVision® Flash Sapphire
  • DuraVision® Flash Amber
  • DuraVision® Flash Jade
  • DuraVision® Flash Ruby

ZEISS PhotoFusion – switching glasses is a thing of the past.

Living in the city means switching between indoors and outdoors, where a second pair of prescription sunglasses is not always an option, or convenient.

  • Darkens in 15-30 seconds*
  • Fade back to 70% T* in 3–8 minutes

Instant comfort and perfect fit with:

  • The fastest self-tinting lens by ZEISS
  • 5 Tints: Brown, Grey, Pioneer and Blue
  • Available as finished single vision in Brown and Grey

ZEISS PhotoFusion and ZEISS DuraVision Flash UV are an ideal combination.

*Photochromic performance is influenced by temperature, UV exposure, and lens material


ZEISS AdaptiveSun: Smart sunglass lenses that adapt to changing light.

From dark to darker in only 18–35 seconds*

ZEISS AdaptiveSun Solutions is our latest innovation in self-tinting sunglass lenses, expanding the ZEISS Outdoor Lens Portfolio.

Available as:

  • Solid tints
  • Gradient tints
  • Polarised

They can be finished with ZEISS DuraVision Flash UV and ZEISS DuraVision Mirror UV for more stylish looks.

*Photochromic performance is influenced by temperature, UV exposure, and lens material.

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  • 1 GfK 2015 | OMO Optical Monitor Winter Trends 2014/15 March 1, 2015 – Simone Cornelsen, Giampaolo Falconio Source: Yougov Omnibus research, Feb2015