Get connected with an easier consultation process.

Increase efficiency

Multi-user capability

Eye condition checkup*

Contactless capability with ZEISS Refraction and Centration devices

Seamless integration for convenient ordering and data management

Versatile connectivity solution with ZEISS devices that helps you increase efficiency.

  • ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 offers an entirely new dimension of flexibility and interaction with your patients and customers. 
  • It’s also an efficient connectivity solution incorporating your ZEISS devices*, creating a fully-integrated digital ecosystem. 
  • Possibility to operate the following devices from a distance, using a tablet: ZEISS SRU (ZEISS VISUPHOR 500 and VISUSCREEN 100 / 500), ZEISS i.Profiler plus, i.Terminal mobile, i.Terminal 2 and VISUFIT 1000.

*Consult the list of devices integrated with ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 available in your country.

Central data storage and management with simultaneous multi-user capability.

  • Easy-to-use, flexible and intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) allows you to control and access information with a few clicks.
  • Integrated with ZEISS Vision Needs Analysis to easily identify your consumer lifestyle needs. Includes digital lens demonstration, enabled with AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), showcasing all ZEISS lenses.
  • Easily take pictures of your customer wearing different frames and compare them side by side. 
  • A great tool to facilitate your customer’s frame choice, especially beneficial for those with high myopic prescriptions.

Contactless capability with ZEISS Refraction and Centration devices.

  • Digitalising your business is essential for an optimal consumer experience and more efficient consultation process.
  • The integration of technology in practice is important for a more efficent visual check up, without losing personal contact with the customer throughout the customer journey. 
  • You’ll get assistance in each step of your consultation process, and the devices enable you to collect and store information securely, to be accessed at any time without the use of paper. 
  • Data can be transferred efficiently between practice staff, in and out of the examination room.
  • Contactless capability with ZEISS i.Profiler plus, VISUFIT 1000 and ZEISS SRU (ZEISS VISUPHOR 500 and ZEISS VISUSCREEN 100/500) offers a unique consumer experience along with a more convenient refraction process.

Eye checkup support through screening functionalities.

  • Extended capability to save and monitor screening results in a seamless and efficient way.
  • Review and monitor the development of the intraocular pressure.
  • Store and review fundus camera and slit lamp images taken with any digital device and use the integrated image analysis module to boost your performance during the consultation process.

Seamless integration with ZEISS VISUSTORE and main PMS/EMR systems for convenient ordering and data management.

  • Complete patient management system that allows you to store patient information in an organised historical record system, supporting you in successful, ongoing management of ocular changes and pathology.
  • This tool will allow you to review patient records and easily evaluate your customers’ visual needs and evolution over time.
  • ZEISS technological solutions to support your expertise and knowledge, providing best practices to your customer base.
  • Streamline your lens and frame orders with direct connection to ZEISS VISUSTORE.

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