Performance sport sunglass lenses
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Unlimited vision to fuel your ambition.

InspirationMADE BY ZEISS

Performance sport sunglass lenses

Our active lens solutions: your guard against the elements

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited vision! Whether you’re enjoying a day out or practicing sports – ZEISS active lens solutions can be matched exactly to your activity, prescription and preferred wrapped sunglass frames. Whichever lens configuration you choose: with ZEISS you can always be sure that you'll experience extraordinary views – while being perfectly protected from UV rays and the elements even in the most challenging environments.

UV protection lenses to augment your adventures

Perfect curves

Perfect curves

Rounded or angled, sleek or comfortable, sporty or stylish: there are no sunglasses ZEISS sport lenses can't match. Thanks to the Cosmetic Edge® Technology these robust, yet thin lenses offer optimum visual correction even for the largest of diameters and the most complex of wrapped shapes. So feel free to choose sunglass frames that are as curved as your tracks, slopes and courses.

The benefits for you:

  • Slim lenses and broad peripheral vision
  • Full flexibility in selecting your wrapped frames
  • All-round protection from dust, wind and debris

Clear indoor Dark outdoor

Amazing views

Be overwhelmed by nature, not by glare: our Skylet® Fun and Skylet® Sport lenses combined with polarisation filters reduce irritating reflections from dazzling surfaces like water and snow. Additionally, their special transmission curves enhance colours and contrasts, in bright sun as well as in hazy conditions. So instead of being blinded by the light, you perceive its many different facets more intensely than ever before – an experience you won’t want to miss ever again!

The benefits for you:

  • Effective glare prevention thanks to polarisation filters
  • Excellent color contrast with Skylet® technology
  • Light absorption level adapted to how you wear sunglasses
Stylish performance

Stylish performance

Why should sport and style be a contradiction? With DuraVision® Mirrors, function and fashion come together perfectly: the green, red, strong blue or silver coatings not only look really cool, but they also enhance your visual comfort and clarity as they prevent irritating reflections on the rear surface of your lenses. By the way, the sport mirrors offer another useful extra: like all DuraVision® coatings they are especially easy to clean as well.

The benefits for you:

  • Fashionable mirror effect for your ZEISS Sport lenses
  • Unobstructed vision thanks to reduced reflections
  • Easy cleaning through dirt-repelling properties

Full UV protection

Full UV protection

Be safe in the most challenging of environments: all ZEISS active lens solutions offer 100% UV protection, even in high and extreme light intensities. Depending on which tints and coatings you choose, your lenses could absorb 70 to 97% of the incoming light. The Skylet® polarised lenses even shield your eyes from the most dazzling reflections – perfect for conquering glaciers, high mountains, the sky or the sea!

The benefits for you:

  • Suitable UV protection for all weather and seasons
  • Light absorption levels even in extreme conditions
  • Full protection and performance with functional tints

Personalised advice: find a ZEISS optician near you

Not sure which of our sport sunglass lenses are most suitable for your activities? Your optician will be happy to help you come up with the solution to match your needs! Just use our search function to find a ZEISS optician close to you:

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