ZEISS Sports Lenses

ZEISS Sports Lenses

Special lenses for wrapped fashionable frames and sunglasses

ZEISS Sports Lenses provide the optimum optical correction for all curved frames - and makes aberrations a thing of the past.

Sports Lenses

ZEISS Sports Lenses - curved perfection

Whether for designer frames, highly fashionable sunglasses or sports eyewear – wrapped prescription lenses are definitely the latest trend.
This confronts the optician with a special challenge: when frames of this type are glazed with traditional lenses, aberrations result for the user during wear.

The optimum solution

ZEISS Sports Lenses provide optimum optical correction for all wrapped frames - and it makes aberrations a thing of the past.


The benefits for the wearer

  • Lightweight plastic lens for glazing highly curved frames (high bow angle)
  • Individual optimisation for optimum vision during wear
  • High quality coating DuraVision® Platinum available
  • Available as single vision and as progressive lens
  • Maximum diversity: same coatings possible as for ZEISS Single Vision Sph 1.5 / 1.6
  • ZEISS Single Vision Individual Sport is also available in photochromic and polarised versions

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