ZEISS Special Lenses

Special Lenses by ZEISS

Product solutions for extreme prescriptions

Spectacle lens wearers with very high prescriptions often face issues when provided with standard lenses as these lenses are generally very thick and heavy. ZEISS offers special lenses to these people.


Single Vision Lenticular Mineral

ZEISS Single Vision Lenticular lenses are lenses with high minus powers in which the edge thickness around the optically effective zone or "aperture" has been reduced to a minimum. A step results between the flattened margin and the optical zone.

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Single Vision Aphal

ZEISS Single Vision Aphal 1.5 is a plastic, aspheric lenticular lens specially designed for high hyperopia and aphakia. with a refractive index of 1.501, ZEISS Single Vision Aphal is the optimum solution.

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