Subjective Refraction


Subjective Refraction

Automated Subjective Refraction

Provide your patients with a vision testing experience that exceeds their expectations

Combine ZEISS refraction instruments to perform an examination room experience that delivers highly precise results your patient can trust. With the ZEISS subjective refraction unit you can create a stress-free environment and save chair time simultaneously.

As an eye care professional, your patients expect you to provide them with the best vision based on accurate refraction. However, this process demands a high level of trust and can lead to uncertainty in the prescription. Supported by advanced vision testing technology by ZEISS, you can transform the refraction process into an event, removing doubts and turning a stressful situation into a pleasant patient experience.

Therefore, start your subjective refraction by transferring the prescription generated by the ZEISS i.Profilerplus to the ZEISS VISUPHOR® 500, providing smooth vision testing. Utilise the convincing benefits offered by lenses with ZEISS i.Scription technology, provided by the subjective refraction unit and guide your patient to new lenses and better vision right in the examination room.


  • Highlights

    Modern and precise ZEISS vision testing at its best in one unit

    With the brand-new subjective refraction unit by ZEISS, eye examination becomes an interesting and at the same time comprehensive experience of vision improvement for the patient by combining the central elements, vision testing charts and phoropter, in a smart solution.

    ZEISS VISUSCREEN 500 with Polatest technology comes with a variety of vision tests to perform monocular and binocular testing with different test charts, as well as special tests for children. Demonstrate the effect of the lenses with ZEISS i.Scription technology using the integrated LED. In addition to the IR-remote control the ZEISS VISUSCREEN 500 can be operated via an intuitive iPad application for a fast and easy way to switch between test charts.

    Personal workflows allow the compilation of different test chart sequences based on the individual preferences of various examiners. ZEISS VISUSCREEN 500 can be easily combined and upgraded with ZEISS VISUPHOR 500, a digital phoropter to streamline your examination workflow and create a professional impression for your patient.

    The full integration into ZEISS i.Com mobile closes the loop between your devices by transmitting your patient’s measurements from the ZEISS VISULENS 500 or ZEISS i.Profiler® plus / ZEISS VISUREF 100 directly to your subjective refraction unit, providing a straightforward and quick way to initiate your manifest refraction.


    Facts at a Glance

    • The VISUSCREEN 500 even fits into small examination rooms with a distance of 2 m in indirect use, and the size of optotypes adjusts automatically to the distance.
    • State-of-the-art, timeless design, easy to place in any practice
    • Randomised testing on a crystal clear LCD screen with polarised technology
    • Integrated LED as additional test feature for the Maddox test and ZEISS i.Scription technology demonstration
    • Fast and smooth exchange of inspection lenses allows real time demonstration of final prescription and vision improvement
    • The Subjective Refraction Unit can be linked to ZEISS VISULENS 500, ZEISS VISUREF 100 and ZEISS i.Profiler plus for direct data transfer via ZEISS i.Com mobile
  • Technical Data
    Technical data VISUSCREEN 500  
    Protection class
    Test area size (W x H)
    299.5 x 223.5 mm
    Testing distance
    1 m to 8 m
    Polarisation directions for analysers
    Image for right eye: 45°
    Image for left eye: 135°
    Technical data VISUPHOR 500
    Spherical lenses
    Cylinder lenses
    Cylinder axis
    Rotary prism 0~20Δ
    Retinoscope +1.5 D, +2.0 D
    Pinhole lenses dia. 2 mm
    Madox rod Right eye (red, horizontal); left eye (red, vertical)
    Red / green filter Right eye (red), left eye (green)
    Polarising filter Right eye: 135°, 45° / left eye: 45°, 135°
    Split prism Right eye: 6ΔBU /
    Left eye: 10ΔBI (up to 5ΔComplement)
    Physical Data VISUSCREEN 500 VISUPHOR 500
    Dimensions (W x D x H)
    594 x 110 x 594 mm
    280 x 108 x 361 mm
    Weight incl. wall mounting bracket 15.5 kg
    4.74 kg
    IR remote control unit 3 V, < 100 μA
    Power consumption
    50 VA
    145 VA
    Line voltage AC 100-240 V,
    ±10 %
    AC 100-120 V /
    AC 200-240 V
    Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Details

    ZEISS VISUSCREEN comes with more than 20 tests for monocular & binocular vision testing and the full MKH series.

    Stereo triangle test to test stereopsis

    Stereo triangle test to test stereopsis

    Create and edit individual workflows with a touch of your finger.

    Create and edit individual workflows with a touch of your finger.


    ZEISS VISUPHOR 500: The ergonomic software is optimised for workflow efficiency. Fully integrated GUI allows operation of both devices (as a subjective refraction unit) from one application.

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