i.Profiler® plus

Fewer questions and more answers

i.Profiler® plus

Fewer questions and more answers

Autorefraction with the i.Profiler®plus

Fewer questions and more answers


The correct lenses can only be prescribed when you have enough information about your patient‘s eyes. Let i.Profilerplus provide you with a detailed visual profile so you can have more answers and less questions for your patient.


  • Highlights

    The i.Profilerplus is the 4-in-1 compact system with ocular wavefront aberrometer, autorefractometer, ATLAS corneal topographer and keratometer. The fully automated measurement procedure, with easy-to-use touch screen control, enables all measurements of both eyes in approximately 60 seconds. The eye’s refractive power distribution is analysed and represented across the entire pupil aperture. This is what distinguishes the i.Profilerplus from conventional autorefractors and what opens the gate to ZEISS lenses with i.Scription® technology.


    Facts at a Glance

    • High-resolution Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor. The wavefront is sampled at 1,500 points across 7 millimetre pupil aperture
    • Adjustable chin rest for comfortable head positioning
    • Fully automated measurement procedure
    • NEW: Remotely control the ZEISS i.Profiler plus via ZEISS i.Com mobile and demonstrate the patient’s i.Scription Analysis on the iPad.
    • Access to i.Scription® technology by ZEISS for improved night vision
    • Clearly structured functions enable capture, evaluation, presentation and analysis of data
    • Touch screen control enables all measurements of both eyes in 60 seconds
    • The measurement data from the i.Profiler® plus is saved on the i.Com data management system and can be used for future consultations, ordering and archiving without any need for further measurements. It interfaces with most common PMS systems for a smooth workflow guarantee. i.Com and i.Profiler® plus are available together as a package solution.
  • Technical Data
    Technical Data, Wavefront  
    Measuring range sphere: –20 D to +20 D
    Axis 0° – 180°
    Measuring surface
    2.0 mm to 7.0 mm (3 zones)
    No. of measuring points up to 1500
    Method Hartmann-Shack
    Reference wavelength 1 555 nm (ISO 24157)
    Technical Data, Corneal Topography  
    No. of rings
    22 (18 complete rings)
    No. of measuring points
    Detected corneal surface
    at 42.125 D
    Dia. 0.75 mm to 9.4 mm
    Measurement range 25 to 65 D
    ± 0.05 D (± 0.01 mm)
    ± 0.10 D (± 0.02 mm)
    Type A Complies with 19980
    Physical Data  
    General dimensions
    420 mm x 600 mm
    30 kilograms
    Power connection
    100 V~ to 240 V~
    Supply frequency
    50 Hz to 60 Hz
    Power consumption
    ≤ 200 VA
  • Details
    • i.Profilerplus features a high- resolution wavefront measurement and corneal topography which provide you with all the data needed in order to evaluate the refractive status of your patient´s eyes.
    • The analysis mode enables you to visualise the impact of different aberrations on your patient´s vision, including up to 7th Zernike aberrations. Additionally, the benefits of i.Scription® technology can be simulated through the point-spread function.


  • i.Profiler plus and i.Scription technology

    i.Scription® technology in your practice

    Easy and smooth integration into your workflow

    i.Scription technology is easy to adapt to your overall consultation process and practice workflow. Being enabled by the i.Profilerplus, this technology can be comfortably incorporated in the refractive analysis.

    1. Objective refraction

    2. Subjective refraction

    3. i.Scription technology

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    Conduct an objective refraction using the i.Profilerplus, which will provide an optical “fingerprint” of your patient and will detect any aberrations in just 60 seconds.

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    The values from the i.Profilerplus by ZEISS are complemented with the results from the vision examination with i.Polatest® by ZEISS to fully understand the interaction between your patient´s eyes. You can later review the values in the i.Scription review software and discuss them with your patient.

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    The optimised prescription data is then transferred and stored into i.Com for direct order via PMS or LOGON®.

      Single vision
    stock lenses
    Single vision
    Rx lenses2
    Available with i.Scription® technology
    3 3
    Angelo Bertozzi , Ottica iVision

    Angelo Bertozzi , Ottica iVision, Italy

  • More information

    Download Brochure

    ZEISS Vision Technology Solutions

    ZEISS Dispensing Tools & Instruments

    Product Catalogue 2014/2015


1 US Patent 7,744,217. Other patents pending. Product designed and manufactured using Carl Zeiss Vision technology. i.Profiler® plus US Patent 7,744,217. Other patents pending. Product designed and manufactured using Carl Zeiss Vision technology.
2 including loop; available with all tints, coatings, treatments, variants
3 locally adapted

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