DuraVision Mirror

DuraVision® Mirror

Our coating family has grown! ZEISS DuraVision Mirror, the front-surface coating in eight different mirror colours.

A mirror can be applied on the front of the lens for the latest fashion statement or to further customise the tinted lenses. All tinted lenses with ZEISS DuraVision Mirrors come standard back-coated with an anti-reflective for uncompromised clarity, durability and easy care.

Available for all materials and geometries. Refer to the ZEISS Tinted Lens Colour Book to ensure the compatibility of mirrors with lens tints.

Easy care with our super clean coat

Water-repellent, anti-static, anti-smudge properties on every surface of the lens.

Additional products from the DuraVision Familiy like DuraVision Platinum can be applied to tinted lenses as well. 

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