Did you know …

that ZEISS goggles carry great responsibility for protecting the retina?

Part 4: Did you know …

… that ZEISS goggles carry great responsibility for protecting the retina?

Winter sports are extremely stressful on the eyes; with extreme wind, cold temperatures and higher UV factors experienced in the mountains - and up to 90 percent more reflection of the sun's rays off the snowy terrain. This can bleach the retina, making it more difficult for individuals to switch from light to dark and considerably reducing vision. ZEISS snow goggles ensure that winter sports do not end in red watery eyes and irritating twitching of your eyelids – but instead chilling out at an après-ski party with friends!

For many people it's the time of year they look forward to most. Heading for the ski slopes kitted out in gear that not only looks good, but that also does its job well. Because having the right equipment for skiing or snowboarding is essential to keeping safe, performing well, and having fun. Ski or snowboard goggles are obviously a vital part of the kit – and getting the right quality can be crucial.

The key factors that go into making ZEISS snow goggles

ZEISS Goggles

ZEISS interchangeable goggle

1. Reliable UV protection
Reflection off the snow significantly increases the effects of ultraviolet radiation when skiing at high altitudes. ZEISS ski and snowboard goggles have been specially designed for Alpine skiing. They provide 100 percent protection against solar UVA and UVB rays.

2. Optimum fit and protection
Snow goggles should be comfortable and a perfect fit so, that wearers can get the most out of their winter sports activity. Whether you enjoy racing, freestyle, challenging snowboard runs, or simply a family day out on the slopes,
the ZEISS range of snow goggles offers a wide variety of models for men and women, as well as models with interchangeable lenses. All ZEISS goggles offer optimum protection against wind, snow and rain - as well as sun protection.


  • Maximum wearing comfort thanks to a thermoformed double density foam with soft flocked fleece.
  • Ultra-wide easy-to-adjust strap: silicon application for gripping helmet fit.
  • Helmet compatibiilty

3. With a focus on performance coatings

All ZEISS goggle lenses are coated with a permanent treatment which is dirt and water repellent. Snow, rain and water silde off easily off the lens.

4. Stylish look
People obviously want their snow goggles to look sleek and sporty and to match their personal style. That's why ZEISS offers such a wide selection of tough, coloured lenses together with an up-to-date range of fashionable frames and mirrors: green, red, pink, gold and more.

5. Made by ZEISS
Every pair of ZEISS snow goggles is made to the superb quality standards that people have come to expect from ZEISS. The snow goggle lenses are tested in ZEISS Sunlens laboratories in Italy to ensure sharp vision, with no obstacle shifts and no object distortion. That improves safety, even at high speeds and on new slopes. A range of tints, polarization filters and mirror coatings are available to suit each winter sports enthusiast's individual needs. The benefits include; better contrast, an improved ability to distinguish details, less glare from the snow, and optimum vision and visual comfort – as well as the ability to spot bumps and hollows quickly.


The goggles have also been designed with spectacle wearers in mind.
A clip insert for customized spectacle lenses can easily be attached to ZEISS snow goggles to give spectacle wearers perfect and relaxed vision.

Did you know that you can enjoy excellent vision on the slopes even under difficult light conditions?

ZEISS SONAR* is an innovative tint specially developed by ZEISS to improve vision in the snow, enhancing colors, brightness and contrasts in all light conditions – even at high speed.

Unlike standard blue blocker filters, ZEISS SONAR displays a specific spectral curve that acts as a blue attenuator, but still allows some blue light – between 380 and 500 nm – to reach the eye. That enables wearers to identify irregularities in the snow such as bumps and hollows, making skiing and snowboarding safer.

* ZEISS Sonar was granted patent PCT/EP2013/000138.


A simulated comparison of the effects of the ZEISS SONAR tint.

More information on ZEISS snow goggles

Perfect vision for all winter sports fans

Perfect vision for all winter sports fans

The sun is shining, the snow crunches underneath your skis, and the piste is a dream come true. Does thinking about this make you want to go out and finally conquer the first powder slope, downhill piste or cross-country trail? Then we have something for you; the new snow goggles from ZEISS. Snow goggles need to be sporty, robust, and look stylish. But they also have to offer excellent vision under extreme conditions, such as bright sunlight, glare or even falling snow on a gloomy day – even for those winter sports enthusiasts who wear spectacles. ZEISS snow goggles meet all these requirements.

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