Sports & Leisure Eyewear: Spectacles for those special moments in life

How spectacle lenses can enhance your hobby and sport

Our hobbies or favourite sports provide us with some of the most enjoyable moments in our lives. Good, comfortable vision can help us get the most out of these special moments. Spectacle lenses and frames for sports and leisure activities can be precisely tailored to the needs of each individual wearer. Only one thing counts: optimum vision for maximum enjoyment.

Here are some tips for choosing the optimum eyewear for your sporting and leisure activities

80 percent of the impressions we receive of our environment are obtained through our eyes, making them our most important sense organ. In sport, good vision is an absolute must. Poor vision not only means that you risk mishitting the ball or misjudging the finish line. It can also lead to a feeling of insecurity and ultimately even to sporting accidents. Sports eyewear must perform even better than everyday spectacles and resistance to breakage and glare protection are often essential requirements..

And, of course, driving along in a convertible on a sunny day makes totally different demands on your spectacles than your workplace or everyday life. Your optician can help you configure the best spectacles for your leisure time. He or she can match your spectacles to your personal budget and vision needs.

BETTER VISION provides you with some tips and examples on how to ensure that you choose the optimum sports and leisure eyewear for your personal requirements. Have you any questions about spectacle lenses for sporting activities or your favourite hobby?  Please send them to us along with any ideas you may have for future topics here at BETTER VISION.

Tips for selected sports and leisure activities


Better Vision for Athletes

They definitely are not just fashionable: Professional and amateur athletes benefit from special sports spectacles

Whether your passion is cross-country skiing, marathon running, tennis, cycling, jogging, golfing or lounging on the beach – if you want to make sure that your vision is at its best when you are engaged in sports or leisure time activities, there is no getting around a good pair of sunglasses. They are often essential for recreation as well...


Water sports

Glasses for water sports

Whether you like sailing, surfing, diving or swimming, what's the secret to choosing a great pair of water sports glasses?

Spray and salt water, extreme reflections and constantly changing light are just some of the challenges faced by sports eyewear designers in their quest to provide perfect vision for people who enjoy water...



The perfect spectacles for golfers

The key to a better handicap

Blinding sunlight, breaks on the green, frequent changes between light and shadow, harsh contrast: the golf course poses many challenges that standard spectacles and sunglasses cannot meet. For perfect visibility and your dream handicap, you need the right spectacles with professionally fitted lenses. But just what kind of spectacles do golfers really need? ...


Winter sports

Better vision for winter sports

Many fans of skiing and snowboarding, both with and without eyesight correction, "fly blind" down the slopes.

As everyone knows, if you have poor vision and are dealing with strong sunlight, you should be wearing glasses. This is even more important for fans of all winter sports, be it Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing or snowboarding, ...



Taking photographs with spectacles

Brilliant photos or successful snapshots are no problem for wearers of spectacles

When taking pictures, every photographer naturally tries to look as closely as possible through the viewfinder in order to get the best shot. This is not possible for wearers of spectacles. Nevertheless,...



Winter Time – Time for Reading

The perfect pair of reading glasses will make your favourite mystery even more intriguing

Winter is still all around us: the wet and cold weather will chill you to the bone; there’s snow and rain; night time creeps in early. Hardly anyone feels inclined to go outdoors. After all, it is so much more comfortable in your cuddly warm home.



Motorcycling/driving your cabriolet


Perfect vision when cycling: which spectacle lenses are best for cyclists?

Speed, changing light conditions and airborne particles present special challenges to glasses for cycling: here are some tips from BETTER VISION.

Whether you're a professional cyclist or you just cycle for fun, a good set of sports glasses is essential when cycling. High speeds on tarmac or off-road, frequently changing light conditions from bright...


The right lenses for motorcyclists and soft-top car drivers

More traffic safety: enjoy driving with the right glasses

Among the many pleasures that herald the arrival of spring are not only the first warm rays of sunshine and the blossoming wonders of nature, but also the increased number of soft-top cars and motorbikes...


Spectacles for pilots – perfect vision even above the clouds

Whether professional or amateur, pilots need spectacles that allow them to see clearly, even in extreme lighting and weather conditions.

Spectacles for pilots have a demanding job: more so than in almost any other application, they have to perfectly optimise the wearer's vision and compensate for extreme visibility conditions. For sailing,...


The latest articles about sports & leisure glasses


Our top 10 tips for sports eyewear

Our top 10 tips for sports eyewear

What should you keep in mind when purchasing sports eyewear? Learn more about how to improve your athletic performance while still protecting your eyes.

There are a few factors to keep in mind so that you get the most from your sports eyewear, including a suitable tint and a snug, comfortable fit. Off-the-rack sports eyewear is often sufficient – but for...

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