Lee Jackson

ZEISS Pro Stalker

Lee Jackson, owner of Wiltshire Deer Stalking, is a professional deer stalker located in Wiltshire, South West England.

What is a ZEISS Pro Stalker?

A ZEISS Pro Stalker is a professional deer stalker that is able to take clients out on accompanied deer stalking trips. Pro Stalkers are equipped with the latest ZEISS sports optics products including riflescopes and binoculars, ensuring their customers are able to use the very highest standard of optical equipment when out in the field.

ZEISS believes that the best way to assess products is to see it in action, not just read about it online.

Who is Lee Jackson?

For over 20 years, Lee Jackson has built Wiltshire Deer Stalking into the successful company it is today. After becoming a game keeper, Lee very quickly realised the passion he had for deer and the conservation of the deer species, and has since made this his primary goal.

Wiltshire is home to some of the best Roe deer in Europe, also boasting a good population of Muntjac and Fallow, with Sika a little further afield. Wiltshire Deer Stalking aims to guide stalkers in an enjoyable yet safe experience that is both relaxing and exciting.

“As a ZEISS Pro Stalker, I am delighted to be able to provide my clients with some of the very best optics from ZEISS. This not only gives them the ability to test some of the latest products before purchasing, but also allows them to get the most out of their stalking experience.”


Get in touch with Lee

If you are interested in a paid stalking trip using high quality optics, or simply wish to try a product before considering a purchase, please do not hesitate to contact Lee Jackson via:

Web: wiltshiredeerstalking.co.uk

Facebook: @WiltshireDeerStalking

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