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EMBO Workshop on Nuclear Mechano-Genomics and Diseases


17/04/2018 - 20/04/2018


Singapore / Shaw Foundation Alumni House


Talk by ZEISS - 12:00 PM
Title: Fast and Gentle Confocal Imaging with 120 nm Resolution – The New 2D Superresolution Mode for Airyscan
Dr. Samuel Ko, Product and Application Sales Specialist Manager, ZEISS Microscopy Southeast Asia

Packing of our genomes within the cell nucleus or within prokaryotic cells poses major mechanical constraints. In addition, recent evidences are beginning to reveal that the cytoskeletal organisation and how cells interact with the local mechano-chemical micro environment within tissues, regulate genomic programs and the maintenance of genomic integrity.

Growth in this area is largely driven by a highly interdisciplinary approach, with state-of-the art bioimaging, engineering and computational methods, to analyze the mechano-chemical basis of gene regulatory programs. The principle theme of this EMBO Workshop is to bring together leading international experts, early career scientists, and postdoctoral and graduate scholars under one umbrella to discuss the latest developments in the emerging area of nuclear mechano-genomics and diseases.

This EMBO Workshop will cover four major themes:
• Nuclear mechanics and mechanotransduction
• Mechanics of 4D nucleome and genome regulation
• Nuclear mechanics and genome integrity
• Nuclear mechano-pathology