University of Southampton Bio Imaging Symposium 2017

Friday 6th October 2017 - Sponsored by ZEISS


The event is proudly hosted by The Biomedical Imaging Unit (BIU) and The Institute for Life Sciences (IfLS) of the University of Southampton.

The Symposium:
This bio imaging symposium aims to bring together distinguished life science researchers from universities across England to share and discuss their research. Presentation topics will include developmental biology, neurosciences, cilia biology and cancer immunology. The day, made up of numerious talks from well-respected speakers, will show how various imaging technologies have enabled biological breakthrough in recent years.

These imaging technologies include: confocal imaging, superresolution imaging, multiphoton imaging, label-free imaging, lightsheet imaging, scanning electron microscopy and laser capture microdissection.

This is a free of charge event with refreshments provided.

Click here to download a copy of the Symposium flyer and agenda.

Confirmed Speakers and Talks:

  • Dr Gopi Shah, CRUK, Univesity of Cambridge; ‘Light sheet microscopy: Prospects and challenges of high-speed volume imaging’
  • Prof Sue Vaughan, Oxford Brookes University; ‘Using SBF-SEM to investigate cell cycle changes in organelle distribution in Trypanosome brucei’
  • Dr Stephen Thorpe, Queen Mary University London, ‘Super-resolution structured illumination microscopy: a versatile tool resolving primary cilium structure and protein interactions in the nucleus’
  • Dr Verena Kriechbaumer, Oxford Brookes University; ‘The “new nature” of the plant endomembrane system with high resolution Airyscan imaging’
  • Dr Peter Gordon, King‘s College London, ‘A multi-modal, multi-scale imaging approach to visualising immune interactions in the tumour draining lymph node’
  • Prof Sumeet Mahajan, University of Southampton, ‘Multimodal Non-Linear Label-Free imaging for Biomedical Applications’
  • Prof Rohan Lewis, University of Southampton; ‘Multiscale three dimensional imaging of the human placenta’
  • Dr Claire Jackson, University of Southampton and University Hospital Southampton PCD group; ‘Diagnosis of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia by Microscopical Methods’
  • Dr Simon Lane, Institute for Life Sciences, University of Southampton; ‘The Spindle Assembly Checkpoint in mouse oocytes, a live cell imaging approach’
  • Dr Ulrich Sauer, Carl Zeiss Microscopy; ‘Laser Microdissection – bridging the gap between Microscopy and Molecular Analysis'

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