ZEISS EVO – Flexible, Powerful and Affordable

The Smart Alternative to Tabletop SEMs for Materials Analysis

  • Easy to use for non-expert users
  • Short time to result and high throughput
  • Small footprint in the laboratory
  • Lower costs compared to conventional SEMs
ZEISS introduces the latest generation of EVO, bringing all of the benefits of a compact SEM but with functionality, analytical options and data quality not possible in a tabletop instrument.


The materials industries’ stable, intuitive, uncompromising SEM for:

  • Structural characterization
  • Spectroscopy of materials, alloys and impurities
  • Phase and grain analysis and crystallography
  • Surface topography, contamination and corrosion
  • Inclusion, particle, weld and failure analysis
  • Easy and seamless correlative microscopy
  • Imaging and analysis of heavy and bulky samples
  • Optional LaB6 emitter and high definition backscatter detection for superior imaging
  • Class leading geometry for highest throughput and efficiency EDS analysis

Easy to use even for non-microscopists
SmartSEM Touch UI puts interactive workflow control directly at your fingertips. It is quick and easy to learn, dramatically reducing training effort and costs. Within minutes, even new users will begin capturing stunning images. EVO also supports industrial operators who require automated workflows for repeatable inspection tasks, and multiskilled metals researchers using SEM as one of multiple tools

Rapid high resolution insights with high productivity
EVO needs only about 1 minute to vent the vacuum chamber, so you can exchange samples and resume imaging within a very short time. Additionally, automation functions and incredible stability let you make the most of your valuable laboratory time, utilising long unattended analysis runs. Its heavy duty stage, analytical capability, and adaptability for an array of accessories, means it has the power to support your research or quality control.

EVO can also be used in small laboratories
The space requirement for EVO is only slightly greater than that of tabletop solutions. To determine the space actually required, you also must consider the size of the operator workstation, which on EVO can be adjusted individually, so that even smaller laboratories do not have to do without the power of a full-featured SEM. The neat plinth-based design gives superior stability and integration.

EVO provides a superior price-performance ratio
Would it surprise you to know that the EVO portfolio has options that are price competitive with tabletop SEM? EVO offers greater versatility, your needs are far less likely to outgrow its capability and your investment is futureproof. Huge upgrade possibilities enable you to tailor a SEM solution to meet your immediate – and future – requirements.

The EVO Family

Vacuum Chamber Size Options







Choose EVO 10—with optional backscatter detector and Element EDS system—to be your entry point to scanning electron microscopy, at a remarkably affordable price. Even this smallest of EVO vacuum chambers is well differentiated from tabletop SEMs. Your investment in EVO now assures that you are ready for applications that require more space and ports than you anticipate today.

EVO 15 demonstrates the flexibility concept of the EVO family and excels in analytical applications. Opt for the larger vacuum chamber of the EVO 15, and add variable pressure for imaging and analysis of non-conductive samples or parts, and you have a versatile, multi-purpose solution for central microscopy facilities or industrial quality assurance laboratories.

EVO 25 is the industrial workhorse solution with enough space to accommodate even the largest parts and assemblies. Expand EVO 25 capabilities further with an optional 80 mm Z travel stage that can handle weights up to 2 kg even with tilt. Additionally, the large chamber will accommodate multiple analytical detectors for the most demanding microanalysis applications.

Maximum specimen heights

100 mm

145 mm

210 mm

Maximum specimen diameter

230 mm

250 mm

300 mm

Motorized stage travel XYZ

80 x 100 x 35 mm

125 x 125 x 50 mm

130 x 130 x 50 (or 80) mm

High Vacuum (HV) mode
Best quality imaging and analysis on conductive samples


Variable Pressure (VP) mode
High quality imaging and analysis on uncoated, non-conductive samples


Extended Pressure (EP) mode
Environmental imaging of hydrated or contaminated samples in their natural state

Outstanding performance and quality features

The superior price–performance ratio of EVO becomes particularly clear when compared to the limited possibilities of a tabletop system:

  ZEISS EVO  Tabletop systems

Large chamber
Examine large samples or multiple samples to increase efficiency.

5-axis motorized stage
View samples from different angles – up to 90° tilt – without time-consuming rearrangement.

Better navigation
Identify regions of interest faster. Low magnification (5x) overview imaging make navigation easier.

Higher resolution
Examine your samples in detail down to the range of a few nanometers.

Additional detectors
Run advanced analysis with additional detectors to characterize your samples more comprehensively.

Lowest acceleration voltage of 200 V
Investigate non-conductive samples without the need for coating or other preparation methods.

High acceleration voltage of above 15KV and up to 30KV 
Investigate your metallurgic samples at above 15KV to achieve best performance levels from your EDS detector. 


High magnification imaging
Characterize the structural properties of your materials sample even further with magnifications up to 1,000,000x





Extendable system
Expand your system to add new capabilities, like automated particle analysis, EBSD to study crystalline or polycrystalline materials.

Correlative microscopy
Integrate EVO into multimodal workflows with light or X-ray microscopes and benefit from more meaningful data.

Longevity of your EVO SEM
Get the most out of your investment from 'an instrument that can deliver well beyond 10 years of usage'



ZEISS EVO Image Analysis Toolkit Bundle

with an intuitive workflow for your imaging and analysis needs

EVO connected microscopy

Image Analysis Toolkit - Bundle Offer

Stemi 305 with integrated Camera

ZEN Connect 

Image Analysis

APEER Onsite

Purchase an EVO and receive an Image Analysis Tool Kit Free of charge to characterise your challenging materials samples.

*Offer valid on purchase orders received by 30th June 2021, UK and Ireland customers only.

With the evolution of materials characterisation and process control, microscopy itself has evolved, offering not just data or information but insight. Increasingly, multiple streams of data are used for tighter certification of products, as well as inputs in process simulation and modelling. Connecting parameters across scales and modes of microscopy provides a more complete understanding of your samples.

The combination of ZEISS ZEN Image Analysis to perform automatic measurements of your Light or Electron images and ZEISS ZEN Connect for a complete connected microscopy solution, will provide you the ability to address a wide variety of characterisation problems. This in turn provides the flexibility you need to understand even the most challenging materials samples.

ZEISS Stemi 305

Stereo microscopes are essential to everyday routines in your research laboratory, production line or quality department: inspecting various materials, assembling or repairing electronic or optoelectronic components, small mechanical parts, sensors or measuring devices. Stemi 305 cam is your compact and easy-to-use solution for your everyday tasks. The fast, color Wi-Fi camera and WLAN router are already integrated into the microscope body. It provides stand K EDU with Spot light LED controls and anti-static surface resistance to enable use in Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPAs). It also includes two reflected light illuminations: the integrated vertical illuminator to investigate holes or deeper structures and the LED spot - zoomable and height adjustable for oblique and grazing light illumination with strong shadow for your broader materials sample investigations.

Benefit to having a Stemi 305 with your SEM:

  • Sample quality checks
  • Correlative imaging from Stereo image to SEM
  • Quick filament alignments during exchanges


Organize and visualize different microscopy images and data from the same sample in their context, all in one place. For sample-centric analysis, ZEN Connect workflows enable you to get from a quick overview image to advanced imaging with multiple modalities. The correlations between the images at different scales can be seen and easily navigated. The interdependencies of the different datasets can be stored, exported and re-used in a Client Server Database. ZEN Connect also enables an integrated reporting across the connected images and datasets.

ZEISS Image Analysis

Image Analysis Software allows you to generate automatic measurement programs in a fast and simple way, even without programming knowledge. With the measurement program wizard, you tackle complex measurement tasks in just a few minutes. Once created, the programs are always available and you can use them to analyse an unlimited number of images. Retain full control over the measurement process at all times and adjust the settings to your needs. If necessary each step can be changed interactively before being executed. Finally, you can export all your measurement data in the Excel-compatible .CSV table format further processing.

APEER (Onsite)

Customized applications require customized solutions. APEER on-site allows you to extend the capabilities of ZEN image analysis software to customize workflows for your specific job to be done. You can download and execute prepackaged modules from the APEER cloud platform, or you can convert your own code into APEER modules for execution in the cloud or on-site. Whether it is simple image processing or advanced operations powered by AI, you can use APEER on-site to extend ZEN capability.

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