A Digital Environment for the Natural Environment

Natural processes are governed by structures and features that are exhibited at the very smallest of scales. To fully understand the changing natural environment, it is critical to be able to characterise, digitise and catalogue data from samples throughout the natural environment over thousands of samples.

High resolutions are necessary, without sacrificing scalability, to understand the health of the macro-environment via the microstructure associated with rocks, soils, building materials, aquatic environments, small animal histology, etc. that are sensitive to environmental forces, natural or manmade.

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Digital Petrography Innovations

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One of the biggest challenges in quantification of petrographic data is that of scale and heterogeneity. Frequently the scale of this heterogeneity comes at the expense of the resolution required to image fundamental structures. These heterogeneities exist across a wide array of length scales, ranging from the nm to the km.

Automated petrography techniques provide a unique opportunity in scaling-out typically localized structural analyses across larger scales. High resolution large area digitization allows for high resolution structural analyses to be performed across samples.

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