Funding for Research Microscopes through the MRC

The MRC has launched a funding call for mid-range equipment for biomedical research. Applications will be considered for new capabilities or the replacement of equipment for existing capability.

Relevance to the priorities outlined in the MRC delivery plan is encouraged which includes, but not limited to:

1. Discovery Science

  • Bridging the gap between molecular structural and cellular biology to understand the interplay between molecular and complexes. In addition the use of improved models: 3D tissues, organoids and animal to explore and exploit biological systems to provide insights into disease mechanisms.
  •     Understanding the interaction of the immune system during homeostasis, ageing, and in diseases ranging from infections to cancer, degenerative and chronic inflammatory disorders
  • Strengthen our knowledge of the human brain, including neural and glia cell biology, neuronal circuits and brain function
  • Development and use of novel imaging technologies to improve understanding of biological mechanisms

2. New technologies and Infrastructure

  •     Support new technology development in discovery science to understand the dynamic interplay between biological processes across multiple scales
  •     Ensure outdated equipment does not hamper discovery research


Applications may seek the cost capital equipment with a minimum value of £100,000 (inc. VAT).

  • An MRC contribution of up to 100% of the total cost can be requested.
  • The maximum MRC contribution for an item of equipment will be £800,000, although the total item cost may be higher, with the remainder being met by institutional or partner contributions.
  • You can only lead on one application, except by prior agreement with MRC


Call opens: Tuesday 29th March 2022

Call closes: An expression of interest for each item must be submitted by completing the survey by 16:00 on Thursday 28th April 2022. 

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Award Date: Q3 of 2022

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