ZEISS are excited to have launched a new solution for in-situ thermomechanical testing inside our field-emission SEMs. This new solution brings together all the individual components of an in-situ experiment under a single integrated platform, making in-situ easier and more accessible.

ZEISS are delighted to invite key academics from the UK in-situ research community to get first-hand experience of how the in-situ package can improve your workflows and free up precious researcher time. You will be given a demonstration of the solution on the Sigma 500, with the depth of ZEISS’ commitment to this field also shown throughout additional sessions on image analysis on in-situ datasets, and detailed presentations on this solution and other in-situ packages throughout the ZEISS portfolio.

The ZEISS In Situ FESEM Workshop will take place at ZEISS House, 1030 Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, UK. Further details on how to find the venue will be provided upon successful registration.

Workflow Video: Automated Heating and Tensile Experiments


30 minutes

  • Arrivals & Coffee
  • Introduction to ZEISS & Safety Briefing
  • Outline of Workshop

Image Analysis

60 minutes

  • Strain mapping with GOM Correlate
  • Preparing samples for strain measurements

In-situ Demo

60 minutes

  • Sigma 500 FESEM with in-situ solution
  • Deben thermomechanical stage & Oxford Instruments analytics
  • Software package with full integration of all components
  • Start to finish workflow demonstrated

In-situ Technical Presentation

60 minutes

  • In-depth presentation on the In-situ solution
  • Other EM options for in-situ

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