Funding for Advanced and Novel Research Microscopes:


The UKRI-BBSRC aims to maintain the competitiveness of UK research through the investment of its underpinning components: advanced, novel equipment and the development of capabilities.

The ALERT call encourages the adoption of novel technologies, tools and approaches which are transforming biosciences research. The aim is to advance the understanding of the dynamic, complex processes of life and how these can translate into both societal and economic benefits.

21ALERT encourages applications of the following nature:

  1. Those that pioneer the use of emerging advanced research technology or utilise equipment in novel ways of working.

  2. Mid-range widely used equipment that contributes to the research infrastructure across scientific areas in the UKRI-BBSRC remit.

  3. Those with an emphasis on equipment that will be utilised in a collaborative multi-project or multi-user basis.

The indicative capital budget for the 2021 ALERT is approximately £10 million.


Applications may seek one piece of capital equipment with a minimum value of £200,000 (inc. VAT) up to £1 million at 100% full economic costing over 12 months.


Call opens: 11th October 2021
Call closes: 25th November 2021

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Advanced and Novel Research Microscopes by ZEISS for your 21ALERT bid:

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