Fuel Cells: Enabling Low Emission Transportation

Explore this Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode, scanned non-destructively in 3D with Nanoscale ZEISS X-ray Microscopy

As mentioned in the above video, this dataset is an anode of a solid oxide fuel cell used in the conversion of hydrogen to electricity. The sample was scanned non-destructively in 3D using X-ray Microscopy with the ZEISS Xradia Ultra.

3D deep-dive into the sample with X-ray

Microscopy Sample courtesy of Sandrine Ricote, Colorado School of Mines.

Figure 1 shows the large field of view scan. There are three distinct phases identified – metallic nickel, yttria-stabilised zirconia and porosity.


Figure 2 shows a connectivity study, with the majority of pores connected. Connectivity is important as reactants must be able to diffuse for reactions to occur. With pores connected diffusion is easier.

In Figure 3, a high-resolution field of view has been used, increasing resolution the expense of field of view. With the added resolution it is possible to map triple phase boundaries, seen in Figure 4. Triple phase boundaries are the surface areas where reactions can occur, affecting the electrochemical performance of the cell.

Scanning Technology

High Resolution 3D X-ray Microscopy

  • Characterize the properties and behaviours of your materials non-destructively.
  • Reveal details of microstructures in three dimensions (3D).
  • Develop and confirm models or visualize structural details.
  • Achieve high contrast and submicron resolution imaging even for relatively large samples.

ZEISS Xradia Ultra Family

Nanoscale X-ray Imaging – Explore at the Speed of Science

3D & 4D nanoscale X-ray imaging with synchrotron-adapted optics and in situ extensions with Xradia 800 & 810 Ultra.

3D in 3 Minutes

See the scanning technology in action

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