Courtesy of Okuda Kazuhide Shaun. Cerebral vessels in zebrafish imaged with ZEISS confocal microscopy.
Funding Call

Mid-range Equipment for Biosciences Research Alert

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)

This BBSRC call provides funding for biotechnology and biological sciences research equipment. All scientific areas within the BBSRC remit are eligible.
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Fund Overview

  • Fund Scope

    The fund encourages applications of the following nature:

    One piece of capital quipment that is widely used and underpins capability across the research areas in the BBSRC remit. Applicant must be a researcher from an eligible UK research organisation. You can apply for:

    1. Emerging and advanced research equipment/ capability
    2. Equipment that promotes collaboration and increased access to users industry, public sector, and other institutes

    Initial installation and service maintenance contracts can be included if they are one-off costs and part of manufacturer's offer. Service maintenance contracts may extend a maximum of 24 months past the end of the award in but the contract cost must be paid within the lifetime of the grant (12 months).

  • Fund Value

    Applicants may apply for advanced research equipment with a minimum value of £200,000 (inc. VAT) up to £1.5 M at 100% full economic costing.


    Call opens: 20th November 2023 (9:00)
    Call closes: 30th January 2024 (16:00)

ZEISS Solutions for BBSRC Alert Funding Call

Here are some recommended solutions that meet the application criteria, note that this is not an exhaustive list. Contact us for more information.

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