Macrophages | Confocal correlative microscopy with LSM 710 and AURIGA 60 (SEM function)

January 23 - 24, 2018 | Oberkochen, Germany

3D SEM Meets Correlative

Electron Microscopy in Life Sciences

“By the help of microscopes, there is nothing so small, as to escape our inquiry; hence there is a new visible world discovered to the understanding”. The words of Robert Hooke reflect in a perfect sense the developments that science has made to understand the subcellular world in its most specific details.

Advances in microscopy in the centuries after Robert Hooke have brought to light many different, new, and fascinating aspects of life. The rapid progression of innovative new routes have opened to enter the subcellular space with the use of electron microscopes. High-throughput and large volume imaging methods using scanning electron microscopes (SEM) invigorated EM for the life sciences, making it possible to acquire large volumes in 3D using array tomography, Focused ion beam and serial block face imaging.

Join this workshop to learn about recent developments in microscopy for life sciences, including new strategies for linking and fusing data between multiple microscopes within a holistic framework.


  • Schedule
    Tuesday, 23rd January 2018
    12:00 AM  
    Get-together with Fingerfood
    12:30 AM
    Dr. Markus Weber, Board of ZEISS Microscopy
    12:50 AM
    New Methods in Correlative Imaging
    Dr. Eric Hummel, ZEISS Microscopy
    1:20 PM
    Advances in Serial Block Face Imaging Dr. Christel Genoud, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel
    1:50 PM
    3D Imaging Approaches in Plant Science
    Prof Dr. Chris Hawes, Oxford Brookes University
    2:20 PM 3D Nanoworld with a Magic Tool Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wanner, AG Ultrastrukturforschung Biozentrum der LMU
    2:50 PM Coffee Break
    3:10 PM Explore ZEISS Museum
    4:10 PM Correlative Microscopy with Light, Electrons and Ions in Environmental Microbiology Dr. Matthias Schmidt, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)
    4:40 PM FIB/SEM and Cryo FIB/SEM Analysis of Biological Samples and Cell-Substrate Boundary Layers Dr. Claus Burkhardt, NMI Naturwissenschaftliches und Medizinisches Institut, Reutlingen
    5:10 PM Applications of Multibeam SEM TBD
    5:40 PM End
    6:00 PM Dinner at ZEISS Forum
    Wednesday, 24th January 2018 | CCE
    9:00 AM  
    Rotation 1
    9:35 AM
    Rotation 2
    10:10 AM
    Rotation 3
    10:45 AM
    Coffee Break
    11:15 AM
    Rotation 4
    11:50 AM
    Rotation 5
    12:25 PM
    Rotation 6
    1:00 PM Lunch
    2:00 PM
    Rotation 7
    2:35 PM Rotation 8
    3:10 PM Rotation 9
    3:55 PM Coffee Break & Feedback
    4:30 PM Closing 
    Station 1 STEM @ FESEM Dr. Magdalena Eder
    Station 2 Cryo FIB-SEM Dr. Andreas Schertel
    Station 3 Cryo LM (Linkam Examiner) Dr. Yilmaz Niyaz, Dr. Robert Kirmse
    Station 4 Atlas 3D Tomography Dr. Sebastian Schädler
    Station 5 Correlative Microscopy: LSM - SEM Dr. Steffen Burgold
    Station 6 CAT Atlas Ann-Katrin Unger
    Station 7 AtumTOME - Array Tomography M-SEM, RMC
    Station 8 3View Dr. Ralf Neujahr
    Station 9 Round Table: 3D SEM Meets Correlative


Carl-Zeiss-Straße 22
73447 Oberkochen



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