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Order Your Free 2018 ZEISS Industrial Metrology Calendar

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2017 is almost over, but we're sure you're looking forward to 2018. And here's something else to look forward to: you can now order a free desktop calendar for the upcoming year.

Whether you put it on your desk, bookshelf or even the loading table of your measuring machine, having your ZEISS Metrology Calendar in view will help you keep an eye on more than just the date. You'll enjoy a comprehensive overview of measuring technology events and tips for 2018.

The months in the calendar can be detached individually. On the reverse side for each month, you will find new information about measuring technology and much more.

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The most important dates at a glance

What would a calendar be without dates? That is why we have entered the most important events for 2018, such as the MACH trade show in April.

Tips & tricks

How can you speed up your measuring process? Our calendar provides you with tips on this and other topics each month.

More than just measuring technology

We've decided to go beyond just measuring technology and explore topics like digitalization and big data... what effect will these trends have on our daily work?

How to order your free calendar

Unfortunately, registration is now closed to request your free ZEISS Metrology 2018 Calendar.

If you are still interested in receiving your free calendar (subject to availability), please email uk .marketing @zeiss .com