A whole new dimension for roughness measurements ZEISS ROTOS

More about the new flexibility

New dimension in roughness measurements with ZEISS ROTOS

ZEISS ROTOS offers optimum precision and maximum flexibility when performing roughness measurements thanks to its modular design and rotation in three axes: easy-to-change stylus arms further expand the range of possible applications.

Increased measuring speed, greater flexibility.

The perfect overview: all analysis results are available in a single report.

The complete integration of the roughness measurement on your coordinate measuring machine (CMM) ensures that you capture all the characteristics of your component in one measurement run – in full compliance with the standards.

All common surface parameters can be evaluated in ZEISS PiWeb in conjunction with size, form and location and are shown in precisely the way you want.

Information about ZEISS PiWeb

Highly precise measurements thanks to ZEISS technology.

Increased efficiency means your reduce your costs.

You benefit from the cutting-edge precision of ZEISS measuring technology with roughness values of 0.03 Ra* (dependent on the measuring machine, ambient conditions and stylus arm).

Information about Form and Surface

By integrating the roughness measurement into the measurement runs on your CMM, you avoid time-consuming reclamping on special machines for surface measurements.

Information about ZEISS CALYPSO


Your benefits at a glance

  • No reclamping on different machines
  • Minimum set-up times
  • Measurement controlled by CNC program
  • Programmable via offline simulation
  • Standardized measurement report with ZEISS PiWeb
  • Accessibility: three axes each featuring +/- 180°
  • Overhead measurements
  • Modular design with three stylus arms: RS1, RS2, RS3


The ZEISS ROTOS sensors are available for the following measuring systems:

  • ZEISS PRISMO (manufactured since: 04/2017)
  • ZEISS PRISMO ultra (manufactured since: 04/2017)
  • ZEISS CenterMax (manufactured since: 07/2018)
  • ZEISS ACCURA (sizes and manufacturing year available upon request)
  • ZEISS MMZ (sizes and manufacturing year available upon request)
  • Retrofit quotations available upon request

ZEISS ROTOS will be available starting in May 2018.

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